IPEDS Online Video Tutorials

The online tutorials below provide overviews and guidance for completing the IPEDS surveys as well as the IPEDS Data Tools to extract data and perform benchmark comparisons. These tutorials are produced by AIR and approved by the National Center for Education Statistics.
2015-16 Collection Cycle Tutorials
- Institutional Characteristics Header (IC Header)

Fall Collection
(2015-16 updates will be available before September 2)
- Institutional Characteristics (IC)
- 12-month Enrollment (E12)
- Completions (C)

Winter Collection
(2015-16 updates will be available before December 9)
- Student Financial Aid (SFA)
- Graduation Rates (GR)
- 200% Graduation Rates (GR200)
- Admissions (ADM)
- Outcome Measures (OM)

Spring Collection
(2015-16 updates will be available before December 9)
- Fall Enrollment (EF)
- Finance (F)
- Human Resources (HR)
- Academic Libraries (AL)
IPEDS Data Tools and Related Tutorials
New to IPEDS?
- IPEDS Overview
- IPEDS Website Resources
- New Keyholders
- IPEDS Community
- IPEDS Data Release Stages
- Edit Checks & Ensuring Data Quality
- Building an IPEDS Calendar

IPEDS Updates
- 2015-16 Annual Update

PEDS Data Tools Tutorials
- Data Tools Overview
- Data Center
- Trend Generator
- Data Feedback Report (DFR)
- College Navigator
- College & Career Tables Library

Related IPEDS Tutorials
- Working with Cohorts in Excel
- Net Price Calculator
- Race/Ethnicity Definitions
- 2010 CIP Training Modules