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  • Relationships Matter: Using Data-Informed Decisions to Drive Student Success
    Talithia Williams
  • 7 Seconds that Change Your Life: Presentation & Listening Skills
    Allison Clarke
  • Drinking from a Firehose: Can Our Ability to Use Data Keep Up with the Flow of New Data?
    Jeff Strohl
  • IR's Role In Organizational Diversity and Inclusion Conversations
    Archie Cubarrubia, Michael Le, Tod Massa, Kristin McKinley, Jason Rivera, Moderators: Erika Farfan, Waddell Herron, Gina Johnson
  • Breaking Down Silos: Collaborating for Data-Informed Decision-Making
    Kevin Kruger, Andy Brantley, Bill Dillon, Megan McClean Coval, Tom Green, Moderator: Christine Keller
  • Panel Discussion: Starving the Beast
    James Carville, Bill Powers,  Siva Vaidhyanathan, Moderator: Bill Banowsky​


  • ​Better Ways to Measure Community College Student Success
  • ​Branding Your IR Office
  • ​Comparison of Text Mining and Manual Coding of Survey Verbatim Responses
  • ​Creating a Curriculum Planning Model to Predict Faculty and Space Needs
  • ​Creating Propensity Matched Samples for a Study of Transfer Student Debt
  • ​Data Visualization Showcase
  • ​Driving IR Efficiencies With Smartsheet: Data Requests to Student Complaints
  • ​Excel Grade Distribution Dashboard in a Flash
  • ​Excelling at Excel: Shortcuts, Tricks, Magic Spin Button, Sparklines, More
  • ​Implementing and Measuring Corequisite Remediation at Scale
  • ​Innovative Ideas for Efficiently Analyzing and Sharing Qualitative Data
  • ​IR and Marketing: A Partnership Worth Promoting
  • ​Multi-Methods for IR: Incorporating In-depth Qualitative Research
  • ​Outsourcing Analytics: IR's Role in the New Ecosystem of Third-party Tools
  • ​Predicting and Benchmarking Institutional Retention and Graduation Rates
  • ​Predicting First-year Retention: Beyond Student-level Factors
  • ​Purposeful Evolution of Data Visualization
  • ​Retention and Transfer at Year Two for First-generation Students
  • ​State System Research Offices: The Times They Are A-Changin'
  • ​Student Success: Multiple Measures to Predict & Compare Graduation Rates
  • ​Summer Bridge Propensity Score Weighting on First-year Success
  • ​The Data Request Life Cycle: Reducing Turnaround Time—and Staff Time!
  • ​The LARC Project: Normalizing Student Data for IR and Learning Analytics
  • ​Tick Tock: Examining Excess Credits, Student Characteristics, and Debt
  • Unexpected Assessment Results? Strategies for Handling the “Oh-No” Moment
  • ​Varying Effects of Types of Early College Courses on Student Outcomes
  • ​Visualizing Workforce Outcomes and Market Supply and Demand for Policymakers
  • ​Why Do Data and Decisions Often Disagree? Build Your Data-decision Toolbox


Excerpt from Why Do Data and Decisions Often Disagree? Build Your Data-decision Toolbox presented by Heather Kelly, William Knight, Hirosuke Honda, Yash Morimoto, and Mary Ann Coughlin

Excerpt from Better Ways to Measure Community College Student Success

Excerpt from Unexpected Assessment Results? Strategies for Handling the ‘Oh-No‘ Moment

Excerpt from IR's Role In Organizational Diversity And Inclusion Conversations

Excerpt from Breaking Down Silos: Collaborating For Data-Informed Decision-Making

Excerpt from Data Visualization Showcase