Membership Registration and Renewal

Value of Membership

AIR membership benefits are designed to help education professionals in IR and related fields to effectively use institutional research – data, Information, and analysis for decision support – in a rapidly changing environment.

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AIR members represent more than 2,000 institutions and organizations around the world. Members’ collective participation and varied perspectives provide a rich foundation for promoting dialogue about IR and the future of using data for decision making. Join the conversation today.

For membership assistance, please contact or 850-385-4155.

Purchase 2016-2017 Membership

The 2016-2017 membership year runs from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. 2016-2017 Fees: Professional ($140), Graduate Student ($45), Honorary (Fees Waived)

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Membership Types

Professional Membership

Professional Membership is the typical AIR membership and includes full rights and benefits for the membership year (July 1 – June 30). Professional membership is transportable with the individual and may also be reassigned if purchased or reimbursed by an employer.

Graduate Student Membership

To be eligible for Graduate Student Membership, you must be actively pursuing a graduate degree and not be employed full time. Graduate Student Members are not entitled to vote or hold office. Graduate student membership is transportable but can't be reassigned to another person

Honorary Memberships

Honorary memberships are for Emeritus members (retired with 15 years of combined membership) and/or John Stecklein Distinguished Member Award recipients. To apply for Emeritus Membership, please contact the Executive Office at

The AIR membership year runs from July 1 to June 30, and memberships are not prorated. Once ordered, membership cannot be refunded or cancelled.

Membership Reassignment

Each AIR membership is held by an individual as the member of record. Professional, Graduate Student, and Honorary memberships may be transported to a new address if a change in employment occurs during the membership year. In addition, a Professional Membership paid for by a unit/department/employer may be assigned to a replacement employee if a position vacancy occurs. Both the original member of record and the replacement member have full AIR memberships to assure access to AIR services during a period of transition. Note: A position change within the same unit/department does not qualify for a membership reassignment.

*AIR’s Professional Membership type includes what has historically been referred to as the Individual and Organizational Membership categories. Individual Memberships were purchased by individuals and transferred with that person if they changed institutions. Organizational Memberships were purchased by the organizations and did not transfer with a specific individual. Under AIR’s Professional Membership type, membership includes Member Reassignment and all rights and benefits of both individual and organizational membership.