2014 Charles F. Elton Best Paper Award

The Charles F. Elton Best Paper Award celebrates the scholarly papers presented at the AIR annual conference (Forum) that best exemplify the standards of excellence established by the award's namesake and that make significant contributions to the field of IR. The purpose of the award is to promote scholarship and to acknowledge that AIR members make a wide variety of scholarly contributions to the field, ranging from theory to practice.

AIR congratulates the 2014 Charles F. Elton Best Paper Award winners. Thank you for your contributions to the institutional research community.

The Postsecondary Resource Trinity Model: Exploring the Interaction between Socioeconomic, Academic, and Institutional Resources
 Matt Giani 
 College Seniors’ Plans for Graduate School: Do Deep Approaches Learning and Holland Academic Environments Matter?
Louis Rocconi, Amy Ribera, and Thomas Nelson Laird
Applications of Social Network Analysis in Institutional Research
Ning Wang 
Keep on Truckin’ or Stay the Course? Exploring Grit Dimensions as Differential Predictors of Educational Attainment, Satisfaction, and Intentions
Nicholas Bowman, Patrick Hill, Nida Denson, and Ryan Bronkema
Student Involvement in Ethnic Student Organizations: Examining Civic Outcomes Six Years After Graduation
 Nicholas Bowman, Julie Park, and Nida Denson
Against the Odds: The Impact of the Key Communities at Colorado State University on Retention and Graduation for Historically Underrepresented Students
Heather Novak and Tae Nosaka
 Examining the Effects of Institutional and Cohort Characteristics on Retention Rates
Gary Pike and Steven Graunke
Guaranteed Tuition Policies and State General Appropriations for Higher Education: A Difference-in-Difference Analysis
 Jennifer Delaney and Tyler Kearney

  Using NSSE to Understand Student Success: A Multi-Year Analysis
Stefano Fiorini, Tao Liu, Linda Shepard, and Judith Ouimet

Living With Smartphones: Does Completion Device Affect Survey Responses?
Amber Dumford and Angie Miller

A scholarly paper presented at the 2015 Forum that is accepted for publication in any peer-reviewed journal will be named a 2015 Charles F. Elton Best Paper. All scholarly papers uploaded to the Forum website by June 27, 2015, are eligible for the award. Visit the AIR Awards page for more information..