Cultivating Teams to Advance IR

What does it take for a team to create great results?

Why does a group of smart leaders so often create a less-than-effective team?

What can you and your team start doing now to get better results?

In the 2015 AIR Forum keynote address based on his newest book Smart Leaders, Smarter Teams, Roger Schwarz answered those questions and more.

Roger Schwarz is a recognized thought leader in the realm of team leadership. An organizational psychologist and President and CEO of Roger Schwarz & Associates, he is a sought-after advisor to global companies, federal government agencies, and international non-profit organizations.

Forum participants expressed their appreciation for Roger’s ideas and the relevance to their work in IR:

  • Fabulous information for all to learn from. Great choice!
  • Simple yet profound in presentation, and easily applicable to any context.
  • I work in an IR office with a "one leader in the room" mindset. It's very difficult and frustrating for the rest of us. I plan to buy his book.
  • I loved this speaker and learned a great deal from his talk—I took lots of notes.

Roger’s goal is to help teams consistently create strong performance, solid working relationships, and individual well-being—and all AIR members are invited to view his keynote address.

AIR invites you to view a video recording of his presentation as a no-cost member benefit at the Forum website



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