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Forum session recordings (also known as Digital Pass) bring a wealth of learning opportunities right to your desktop. Each year, the AIR Forum is filled with educational sessions that highlight the training needs of professionals working in institutional research, effectiveness, assessment, planning, and related postsecondary education fields.

During the 2018 AIR Forum in Orlando, 30+ highly-rated, highly-attended sessions were recorded for their superior educational value. Now, for 2018-2019 members, these on-demand videos are ready to view anytime, anywhere.

These concurrent sessions were recorded to help you succeed in your current role as well as grow professionally. Recordings include the two Keynote presentations and several of the Impact Sessions, which address important topics and issues with impact for everyone in higher education.

We’ve featured just a few of the highly-rated sessions, below. Visit the Digital Pass page for member access and the full list of recorded sessions. Not a member? Scroll down to view video clips of these sessions.

​​​Leverag​​​ing Tableau for Campus-wide Student Success Analytics & Reporting

Presenters: Christopher Thuringer, University of Kentucky and Shelby Albers, University of Kentucky

​Learn how Tableau can help you get data to the right people at the right time, making a difference in student success and early intervention initiatives. 

What Attend​ees Said… 

Great presentation and dashboard! Thank you for sharing and for keeping us engaged during your presentation.

Very interesting! You’ve done a great job with your dashboards!

Achieving Repro​ducibility in IR with R

Presenter: Arie Spirgel, Nova Southeastern University

See how R is an ideal software environment for reproducibility and how many of its modern features are designed to get novices quickly doing powerful things.

What A​ttendees Said…

This was t​he best presentation I attended. I am so excited about what I learned and can’t wait to put it to work!

I was skept​ical about learning R, but after this session I am excited to learn it. This was a great session!

Telling Better Data stories Through Better Data Visualizations 

Presenter: Steve Wygant, Brigham Young University

Find out how visual data displays provide unique opportunities for IR and assessment professionals to tell data stories.

What Attendees Said…​

Steve’s presentation skills were excellent. His content was relevant and engaging. ​What I learned can make an immediate difference in my work. Excellent session!

This was the best se​ssion I have attended at the AIR Forum this year!! The pace was just right to keep me interested. There were several key points that I can take and apply immediately in my IR work. Thank you for a great session!

From Aspiration to Actio​n: Making the New Vision for IR a Reality

Presenter: Archie Cubarrubia, Miami Dade College

Hear about the steps that Miami Dade College is taking to begin implementing the “networked institutional research function” that the Statement of Aspirational Practice calls for.

What Attendees Said…

Archie did ​a great job presenting and had a lot of good ideas that I would like to roll out at my institution.

Archie is a great presenter and always has great content. I always try to find his sessions as I know I’m going to come out of it with a lot of great ideas.

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Leveraging Tableau for Campus wide Student Success Analytics & Reporting


Achieving Reproducibility in IR With R


Telling Better Data Stories Through Better Data Visualizations


From Aspiration to Action - Making the New Vision for IR a Reality


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