AIR Resources: New IPEDS Outcome Measures Survey Component

IPEDS-logo.pngMake the AIR website your one-stop shop to learn more about the new Outcome Measures (OM) IPEDS survey component opening on Dec. 9, 2015, as part of the winter IPEDS collection period. With a detailed overview of the component, links to helpful IPEDS resources (including survey form, instructions, and frequently asked questions), and video tutorials, the AIR website is a great starting point for learning about OM data reporting and how it will impact your campus.

Outcome Measures is designed to provide consumers, policymakers, and researchers context for and an alternative to the graduation rates calculated for the purposes of the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act of 1990. It was developed in response to recommendations from the U.S. Department of Education’s Committee on Measures of Student Success and IPEDS Technical Review Panels. The Committee on Measures of Student Success recommended that the Department of Education broaden the coverage of student graduation data to reflect the diverse student populations at two-year institutions and improve the collection of student progression and completion data. In response, the department released an action plan for improving measures of postsecondary student success in support of the administration’s college completion agenda and based on those recommendations.

Two IPEDS Technical Review Panel meetings were then convened to address these needs. Together, the panels suggested that the definition of a degree- or certificate-seeking student for IPEDS reporting purposes be clarified, and that additional outcome information be collected for first-time, part-time students; first-time, full-time students; and non-first-time students.

OM is only applicable to degree-granting institutions and collects data on the completion and enrollment status of the following cohorts six and eight years after these students entered the institution:

  • Full-time, first-time entering students
  • Part-time, first-time entering students
  • Full-time, non-first-time entering students
  • Part-time, non-first-time entering students

For the 2015-16 collection, degree-granting institutions will report on these four student cohorts who entered their institutions in 2007. In other words, all degree- or certificate-seeking undergraduate students who entered their institution in either the Fall 2007 (academic reporters) or Sept. 1, 2007 to Aug. 31, 2008 (program/hybrid reporters) must be placed in one of four cohorts. At six years after entering the institution (Aug. 31, 2013), data are reported on the number of students who received an award. At eight years after entering the institution (Aug. 31, 2015), both award and enrollment statuses are reported, including number of students who are still enrolled at your institution and the number of students who are enrolled at another institution. IPEDS will then calculate the number of students whose enrollment is unknown and the number of students who did not receive an award from your institution. Neither the type of award students receive nor race/ethnicity and gender will be tracked in OM.

Preliminary Outcomes Measures data are expected to be available from the IPEDS Data Center in mid-September of 2016.