Quick Tips for Improving Explanation in IR

TalkData.jpgAIR is pleased to share a valuable resource for institutional researchers: All members are invited to view the 2014 Forum keynote speaker presentation by Lee LeFever at no cost.
Institutional researchers are charged with describing data and analyses to stakeholders in order to inform decision making. The challenge of concise and relatable communication of data and ideas is not unique to higher education, and we turned to expert Lee LeFever to learn more about key components of successful explanation.
Lee, author of The Art of Explanation and founder of Common Craft, addressed a variety of questions relevant to the work of IR, including: What does it mean to explain an idea? Why is explanation so difficult? How do you find the right language for your audience? What is the Curse of Knowledge and what is the remedy? What are the Stepping Stones of Effective Explanations?
Forum participants expressed their appreciation for Lee’s ideas and the relevance to their work in IR:

Lee LeFever was entertaining, succinct, and interesting, and he provided some great little tidbits of knowledge and examples for his topic of the Art of Explanation.  

He drew great parallels between his work and IR work. I really enjoyed the fact that this speaker addressed a NON-STANDARD topic and new area to think about in IR.  

It is always helpful to hear ideas from those outside of IR that apply to what we do. His ideas will be useful as my institution begins training on data quality and our data warehouse implementation.

Lee’s focus is helping others become more understandable through better explanations, and all AIR members are invited to view his keynote address. A video recording of his presentation is available on the Forum website.


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