RIHE Special Forum Issue

TRIHEMarch2015cover.jpghe 2015 Forum Issue of Research in Higher Education features five scholarly papers presented at the 2014 AIR Forum.  

  • The Postsecondary Resource Trinity Model: Exploring the Interaction Between Socioeconomic, Academic, and Institutional Resources by Matt S. Giani

  • Student Involvement in Ethnic Student Organizations: Examining Civic Outcomes 6 Years After Graduation by Nicholas A. Bowman, Julie J. Park, and Nida Denson

  • Examining the Effects of Institutional and Cohort Characteristics on Retention Rates by Gary R. Pike and Steven S. Graunke

  • Living with Smartphones: Does Completion Device Affect Survey Responses? by Amber D. Lambert and Angie L. Miller  

  • College Seniors’ Plans for Graduate School: Do Deep Approaches Learning and Holland Academic Environments Matter? by Louis M. Rocconi, Amy K. Ribera, and Thomas F. Nelson Laird

AIR and Springer are pleased to provide free access to The 2015 Forum Issue for all AIR members.