Research in Higher Education Special Forum Issue Available for All AIR Members

The Special Forum Issue of Research in Higher Education features five scholarly papers presented at the 2012 AIR Forum.

Patrick Terenzini’s “On the Nature of Institutional Research” Revisited: Plus ça Change…? served as the framework for his closing keynote address in New Orleans, and now all AIR members can benefit from his reflection on whether the “three tiers of institutional intelligence” he developed 20 years ago are still relevant today.

The Special Forum Issue also features the papers honored with the 2012 Charles F. Elton Best Paper Award—Gary R. Pike’s NSSE Benchmarks and Institutional Outcomes: A Note on the Importance of Considering the Intended Uses of a Measure in Validity Studies and Stephen R. Porter’s Self-Reported Learning Gains: A Theory and Test of College Student Survey Response.

In addition, readers will benefit from the contributions of Peter Riley Bahr’s The Aftermath of Remedial Math: Investigating the Low Rate of Certificate Completion among Remedial Math Students and Karen L. Webber, Thomas F. Nelson Laird, and Allison M. BrckaLorenz’s Student and Faculty Member Engagement in Undergraduate Research.

AIR and Springer are pleased to provide free access to The Special Forum Issue for all AIR members. For information about the scholarly papers scheduled for presentation at the 2013 conference in Long Beach, please visit the Forum website.

All scholarly papers presented at the 2013 AIR Forum are eligible for inclusion in the Special Forum Issue of RIHE to be released in March 2014. A standard blind review process is used, and the top four to five papers are chosen based on their contributions to higher education and institutional research literature.