Director of Institutional Research

Posted on1/5/2018
Job typeFull-time
Reports toAssociate Vice Provost for Institutional Analytics
Reports in officeInstitutional Analytics
Application due dateFebruary 9, 2018
Job start dateMarch 2018
CitySan Francisco
InstitutionSan Francisco State University
Institution descriptionSan Francisco State University is an urban university granting bachelor's and master's degrees and serving a diverse student body of approximately 30,000 students and 4,000 faculty and staff employees. SF State is one of the largest campuses in the California State University (CSU) -- the largest system of higher education composed of 23 member campuses.
Job dutiesThe director will be responsible for managing and coordinating the institutional research functions that specially support the University's commitment to evidence-based planning, decision-making, and improvement. This responsibility will include working cooperatively with the Provost's management team, deans' Council, faculty, Academic Senate, support staff, CSU Chancellor's Office, and other appropriate personnel in providing appropriate information to support the University's commitment to assessment requirements and academically-related analytical studies. In addition, the director will be responsible for developing and maintaining the IR website (including online reports and dashboards) that provides commonly used data on retention and graduation, degrees awarded, student enrollment and admissions, other analytical studies, and survey results.
Qualifications* Experience in higher education, demonstrating progressive degrees of responsibility, preferably at the post-secondary education institutions.
* Ability to conduct research studies and lead institutional research projects, using appropriate analytical methods.
* Vision and skill set for higher education metrics and analytic, qualitative and quantitative research methods, survey design, and data analysis.
* Excellent project management and organizational skills, including the ability to manage several projects simultaneously and meet deadlines.
* Demonstrated ability to translate quantitative data into information, to design and produce periodic reports for campus decision makers, accrediting bodies and external agencies, and to clearly present data in narrative, tabular and graphical formats.
* Experience in coordinating and providing user supports and training.
* Experience in assuring integrity in analysis and reporting, including the ability to analyze complex data sets and troubleshoot data integrity issues.
* Demonstrated skill in collaborating and communicating effectively with diverse constituencies. Ability to represent the office on committees and provide consultative services as needed.
* Proven ability to supervise and manage a diverse team.
* Exemplary written, oral, and visual communication skills, and the ability to write data summaries and analyses, design effective data presentations, and present information to technical and non-technical audiences in a cogent and meaningful manner.
Salary range$100,000 and Higher
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