Foundations of Data Management

This course introduces the concepts of data and databases, where to find them on college campuses, and how to use them effectively. 

Core Lessons

Data Fundamentals

Data Sources

Issues of Data Use 

Task Modules and Exercises

Measuring Student Success: Demonstrates how to find data, clean and edit data, examine file structures and merge data files to identify and report information on student success.

Enrollment and Completion: Teaches skills in finding data, using subsets to create cohort files, and using multiple files for analysis.

Retention Rates: Examines student enrollment sequences and retention; joining and merging datasets; understanding file structures; using subsets to create cohort files and using multiple files for analysis.

Program Assessment: Demonstrates using data for program assessment or program evaluation.

Student Progression and Program Success: Demonstrates the use of data to evaluate student progress and success in developmental programs.

Completions: Demonstrates how to use data to provide a profile of completers.

Knowledge & Skills Taught

  • Elements of a database

  • Basic database terms

  • Data processes and IR-related issues

  • Understanding file structures

  • Dealing with duplicate records

  • Using multiple files

  • Checking, editing and cleaning data

  • Sorting and filtering data

  • Appending data

  • Merging data sets

  • Recoding data

  • Creating subsets for cohort analysis ​

  • Creating crosstabs in Excel

  • Creating formulas in Excel

  • Importing Excel files into Access

  • Exporting files from Access to Excel

  • Joining data sets in Access by primary key

  • Designing queries in Access

  • Using the Vertical Lookup function in Excel to combine data sets

  • Combining data from multiple data sets

Course fee: $700 ($600 for AIR members)


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