Foundational Statistics for Decision Support

This course provides the foundation of statistical analysis, focusing solely on descriptive statistics and the use of statistics in institutional research.

Core Lessons

Characteristics of Variables

Summaries of Data I

Summaries of Data II 

Task Modules and Exercises

Describe the Respondents: Uses descriptive statistics to examine survey data to determine the demographics of survey respondents.

Summarize an Issue with Missing Data: Demonstrates techniques and strategies for dealing with missing data.

Summarizing Categorical Data: Uses categorical data to examine student learning profiles (number of students per major, identifying the most popular major, and the demographics of students within that major).

Working with Survey Data – Student Retention: Demonstrates how to use survey data to look at student retention patterns.

Interpreting Data Appropriately: Demonstrates how to run basic descriptive statistics in Excel; using mean, median and mode to examine and explain a particular variable.

Benchmarking: Demonstrates how to use descriptive statistics to analyze benchmark data and arrive at conclusions.

Knowledge & Skills Taught

  • ​Understanding mean, median, mode

  • Understanding standard deviation

  • Using the data dictionary

  • Dealing with missing data

  • Sorting and filtering data

  • Recoding data

  • Identifying key variables

  • Analyzing variable relationships

  • Preparing descriptive statistics in Excel

  • ​Using the Excel Analysis Tool Pack

  • Combing data from multiple data files

  • Creating a cross-tabulation table

  • Creating a histogram

  • Creating a box and whisker plot

  • Creating pie charts

  • Creating bar charts

  • Benchmarking

 Course fee: $700 ($600 for AIR members)


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