Overview of Survey Design

June 03-July 28, 2019

This course provides tools and techniques for conceptualizing, designing and administrating surveys at the community college.

Core Lessons

  • Understanding the Survey Process
  • Core Concepts of Survey Design
  • Implementing a Survey

Task Modules and Exercises

Survey Item Design: Explores the different types of surveys appropriate for IR and how and when to use them.

Developing Response Options: Identifies different survey response options and how to select which option to use, along with how to write effective response options that will provide the best possible data.

Piloting a Survey: Explores how to pilot a survey instrument, and how to use the feedback to improve the survey.

Documenting the Survey Process: Demonstrates the methods and reasons for documenting the survey process and examples of good documentation.

Evaluating Survey Data: Explores how to determine whether collected survey data is valid, reliable and usable.

Interpreting Survey Results: Examines common methods used to interpret survey results, and how to prepare and report the results.

Event Type(s): Online
Length of Event: 8 Weeks
Date(s): June 03-July 28, 2019