Foundational Statistics for Decision Support

August 05-September 29, 2019

This course provides the foundation of statistical analysis, focusing solely on descriptive statistics and the use of statistics in institutional research.

Core Lessons

  • Characteristics of Variables
  • Summaries of Data I
  • Summaries of Data II

Task Modules and Exercises

Describe the Respondents: Uses descriptive statistics to examine survey data to determine the demographics of survey respondents.

Summarize an Issue with Missing Data: Demonstrates techniques and strategies for dealing with missing data.

Summarizing Categorical Data: Uses categorical data to examine student learning profiles (number of students per major, identifying the most popular major, and the demographics of students within that major).

Working with Survey Data – Student Retention: Demonstrates how to use survey data to look at student retention patterns.

Interpreting Data Appropriately: Demonstrates how to run basic descriptive statistics in Excel; using mean, median and mode to examine and explain a particular variable.

Benchmarking: Demonstrates how to use descriptive statistics to analyze benchmark data and arrive at conclusions.

Event Type(s): Online
Length of Event: 8 Weeks
Date(s): August 05-September 29, 2019