Foundations of Data Management

August 05-September 29, 2019

This course introduces the concepts of data and databases, where to find them on college campuses, and how to use them effectively.

Core Lessons

  • Data Fundamentals
  • Data Sources
  • Issues of Data Use

Task Modules and Exercises

Measuring Student Success: Demonstrates how to find data, clean and edit data, examine file structures and merge data files to identify and report information on student success.

Enrollment and Completion: Teaches skills in finding data, using subsets to create cohort files, and using multiple files for analysis.

Retention Rates: Examines student enrollment sequences and retention; joining and merging datasets; understanding file structures; using subsets to create cohort files and using multiple files for analysis.

Program Assessment: Demonstrates using data for program assessment or program evaluation.

Student Progression and Program Success: Demonstrates the use of data to evaluate student progress and success in developmental programs.

Completions: Demonstrates how to use data to provide a profile of completers.

Event Type(s): Online
Length of Event: 8 Weeks
Date(s): August 05-September 29, 2019