Deadline for Submissions: CIRPA-ACPRI 2021 Online Conference Call for Proposals

June 04-04, 2021

Data-based decision-making is a cornerstone of institutional change. Post-secondary institutions have become increasingly reliant on valuable information produced by professionals who understand how to compile, interpret, assess, and quality control data. Strategic planning, including efforts to improve student success, diversity, equity, and equality, are at the forefront, with traditional roles such as informing resource management.

This year's conference theme draws attention to the roles Institutional Research professionals play in their organizations. More often than not, these individuals' are Champions for data-based decision-making aligned with holistic value-centered academic leadership. At this year's conference, we celebrate the heroes amongst us.

CIRPA-ACPRI welcomes all submissions relevant to the profession of Institutional Research and Planning (IRP), including proposals from professionals in the field of IRP. This includes colleagues at provincial, regional and federal agencies, other associations and organizations, as well as individual scholars with research interests in post-secondary education issues.

The submission guidelines and review criteria and the proposal template are linked here. Please complete all proposals using the template provided.

Submissions are encouraged to align with the conference theme and one or more of the topic areas below and should include realized or potential outcomes (i.e. how research has affected or will affect change?):

  • IR Heroes – Data Transformers – Every IR shop in the country holds the keys to unleash the power of knowledge in their institutions. Effective Data Governance Practices provide the foundations for data transformation into Need-to-Know Information. Access to vital information is triangulated to reveal a Complex Web of Knowledge that transforms leaders' ability to navigate a successful journey to new destinations identified in the Strategic Plan.
  • Purveyors of Wisdom – Guiding lights and signposts – Whether you call it KPIs, Scorecards, or 360 accountability metrics, many IR shops are responsible for institutional effectiveness and accountability measurement and analysis. These savvy purveyors of wisdom specialize in explaining the data points to the senior executives to guide their institutions forward.
  • Planning Wizards – Coordinating Integrated Action – Not many IR shops have these experts in their department, but there are always informal or formal bodies (e.g. Strategic Planning Secretariat) to develop and implement actionable strategic plans. These entities need a helpful IR shop to support their work.
  • Visionary Oracles – The Future of IR – CIRPA is now 30 years old and has seen a profound evolution of the IR body of practice in Canadian post-secondary institutions. This year's conference is an excellent opportunity to look back and look forward to the future of the IR profession as we muddle through the pandemic and help our institutions find productive paths to the post-pandemic "new normal."

The deadline to submit a proposal(s) is June 4, 2021. Submit your proposal(s) via email to the Programming Committee

Date(s): June 04-04, 2021