Introduction to Learning Outcomes

This course explores the development and use of well-articulated learning outcomes to generate meaningful data.

Core Lessons

  • Developing Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Assessing Student Learning Outcomes

  • Using Assessment Data for Decisions

Task Modules and Exercises

Writing Intended Learning Outcomes for Individual Courses: Explores techniques and tips for writing intended learning outcome statements for individual courses.

Intended Learning Outcomes at the Institutional and Program Level: Explores the development of institutional and program-level outcomes by aligning course-level outcomes with the mission, vision, core values, goals and strategies of the program and/or institution.

Exit Test Analysis: Demonstrates how to measure student learning gains by analyzing and interpreting exit test results.

Pre-and Post-test Evaluations: Demonstrates how to evaluate results for pre- and post-tests to assess learning gains.

Portfolios for Learning Assessment: Demonstrates the use of student portfolios to assess evidence of student learning. 

Using Proxy Measures: Demonstrates the use of indirect measures of student learning to support direct measures and inform decisions.

Knowledge & Skills Taught

  • Understanding and differentiating cognitive, affective and psychomotor learning domains
  • Characteristics of outcomes statements
  • Writing action-oriented statements
  • Understanding direct and indirect evidence of student learning
  • Developing measurable outcomes
  • Identifying and articulating measurable and observable skills, behaviors or dispositions
  • Analyzing and interpreting exit test results
  • Calculating learning gains by using pre- and post-test analysis
  • Using portfolios as repositories of student learning
  • Using portfolios as tangible evidence of student learning
  • Using proxy measures in analysis
  • Compiling proxy measures of student learning
  • Comparing characteristics of a sample with the population
  • Using practical significance in analysis

Course fee:

$700 ($600 for AIR members)