​2017-18 Outcome Measures - Presentation by IPEDS Survey Director​ Gigi Jones​

Part 1: Overview of Changes

IPEDS Survey Director Gigi Jones

Part 2: Q&A

Gigi Jones and Mary Ann Coughlin

List of Questions Discussed in Part 2 Q&A

  1. I have a student that attended class for a day or a short portion of the term, should this student be included in the OM cohorts? FAQ 12 (0:00 - 2:11)
  2. The instructions say to use my institutional census date. For state reporting we collect data as of the end of the term to capture students who enrolled in late starting courses, but the IPEDS Fall Enrollment puts the census date earlier. How should I be collecting this full year group? If I use our end of term census date my Fall group looks a little different from the Fall group I reported in Fall Enrollment. (2:11 - 4:33)
  3. What “wins out” in the full/part-time scenarios, degree-seeking/non-degree-seeking, and Pell scenarios? (4:33 - 8:39)
  4. Will OM edit against other survey components? (8:39 - 10:18)
  5. Who is considered a “recipient” of a Pell Grant? FAQ 39 (10:18 - 12:40)
  6. How are Pell Grant recipients reported in OM subcohorts? FAQ 40 (12:40 - 16:12)
  7. My financial aid office uses PowerFAIDS to store financial aid data, and I do not have access to their database. Do you have any additional tips on getting my FA person to play nice with me? Other than threat of fines and stuff, which I guess they should be aware of anyway. (16:12 - 19:23)
  8. Below are two summer sessions for academic year 2009-2010 academic year. Which summer term should we include in the academic year 2009-2010 to determine the full-year cohort? (19:23 - 23:06)
  9. Can we use previous IPEDS submissions for the new OM 2017-18 submission? We are an academic reporting institution and would like to use the IPEDS 12-month enrollment for July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010 to complete the OM submission. Do you see a problem using this data file to complete the OM submission? (23:06 - 25:12)
  10. What is the estimated number hours it will take me to complete the 2017-18 OM survey? (25:12 - 29:44)
  11. What additional changes are foreseen for future reporting? (29:44 - 32:18)

For further information on Outcome Measures, please visit the OM resource page.