• Thank You
  • 03.20.19

Thank You to the AIR Community

  • by eAIR

Thank you to Tyler Davis and Ruth Hammond for presenting Analyzing IPEDS Data by State for the Almanac of Higher Education at the 6th IPEDS Educator web conference for the current contract cycle on February 7, 2019. Thank you to Jamie Isaac for presenting Learning More About Program Reporting IPEDS Institutions at the 7th IPEDS Educator web conference for this contract cycle on February 21, 2019.

Thank you to the 2018-2019 AIR Nominations and Elections Committee: Vic Borden, Russ Cannon, Peggye Cohen, Adrea Hernandez, Dawn Kenney, Ellen Peters, Chair, and Henry Zheng. A big thank you to all members who voted in the AIR 2019 elections.

Thank you to March 2019 eAIR contributors: Brendan Dugan, Lorelle Espinosa, Joanne Heslop, Robert Kelchen, Deborah Lee, and Jonathan Turk.
Thank you to the 2019 AIR Awards Selection Committee.