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  • 11.19.19

Journal News

  • by eAIR

This month, read the latest articles from The Journal of Innovative Higher Education as well as a great tip for authors from the journal editor. Additionally, check out the newest issue of the Journal of The First-Year Experience & Students in Transition for articles on mentoring and other first-year student topics of interest.

The Journal of Innovative Higher Education

The articles listed below have recently appeared in print in volume 44, number 4, of Innovative Higher Education. As always, we note that the appearance of articles in the print issue is significantly behind the publication of articles in the online version of the journal. The large majority of subscribers are libraries and consortia, and they generally subscribe to the online version.

The articles appearing in this print issue are as follows.

  • Libby V. Morris, “The Conundrum of Work-life Balance,” Editor’s Page
  • C.A. George Mwangi, S. Ltafat, C. Thampikutty, and J. Van, “Examining University Responses to the DACA Rescission:A Critical Discourse Analysis”
  • E.C. Ray, L. Arpan, K. Oehme, A. Perko, and J. Clark, “Testing Restorative Narratives in a College Resilience Project”
  • D.B. Zandvliet, A. Stanton, and R. Dhalial, “Design and Validation of a Tool to Measure Associations between Learning Environments and Student Well-being:The Healthy Environments and Learning Practices Survey
  • P. C. Holzweis, B. Polnick, and F.C. Lunenburg, “Online in Half the Time: A Case Study with Online Compressed Courses”
  • A. Schmulian and S.A. Coetzee, “To Team or not to Team: An Exploration of Undergraduate Students’ Perspectives on Two Teachers Simultaneously in Class”

Editor’s Tip: A very basic suggestion that merits repeating: be mindful of readers, think about the readership of a particular journal. Remember, readers do not know as much about the topic as you do, and it is important to carry them along in your thinking and explanations.

For information about this journal please visit the website. There you will find the guidelines for submission, a listing of the Editorial Board members, and abstracts of articles going back to 1989.

Journal of The First-Year Experience & Students in Transition

The most recent issue of the Journal of The First-Year Experience & Students in Transition, November 2019, Volume 31, No. 2, is now available online. To read the abstract, click on the article title.

For more information, visit our website or contact editor Dr. Forrest Lane.