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As a benefit of membership, AIR members receive substantial discounts on top journals in the field of IR, assessment, and higher education. Covering all aspects of institutional research, assessment, and related fields, these publications are essential resources for the IR professional.

Assessment Update

Published bimonthly by Wiley Jossey-Bass, articles in this journal cover a wide array of assessment-related issues. AIR members save 40% off list price.

Journal of Higher Education (JHE)

JHE is published bimonthly by Taylor and Francis and is considered the leading scholarly journal on the institution of higher education. AIR members save over 31% off list price.

Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research

Started in 1985, the journal publishes one annual volume and is jointly sponsored by AIR and the Association for the Study of Higher Education. AIR members save 40% off list price.

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New Directions for Institutional Research (NDIR)

This quarterly sourcebook published by Wiley Jossey-Bass, under the sponsorship and policies of AIR, focuses on a specific higher education topic. AIR members save 40% off list price.

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Keep current with the latest news from influential IR, assessment, and higher education journals.