Why AIR Members Continue to Value the Forum

The annual AIR Forum gathers IR, IE, assessment, and planning professionals in all phases of their careers. More than 2,000 individuals gathered at the 2015 AIR Forum in in Denver, Colorado, May 26–29, 2015, and 34 percent of them had attended at least five previous Forums. 

Why do they keep coming back? As part of this year’s conference evaluation, many conference participants offered comments about why they value the Forum:  

I liked hearing from similar institutions facing the same challenges. It was great to see what is going on in other states. 

I enjoyed the opening keynote on Smart Leaders, Smarter Teams and networking with others who are using the same analysis software or conducting similar studies. 

The information/new ideas gained and the interaction with/inspiration gained from other institutional researchers is valuable. 

Sessions were great. I LOVED (!!) the Forum iPad app. It made it really easy to figure out where I wanted to be next, fill out session evaluations, etc. 

I love the variety of offerings. I didn't have any time slots in which there wasn't a session I was interested in attending. It was great to see both intensive data analysis and bigger picture overviews. 

I returned to work refreshed and invigorated. :)  Thank you! 

I loved the conference room set up this year. Everything was right in the same location and it was very easy to get to each session. 

A summary of the 2015 Forum evaluation, including additional comments from conference participants, is available here 

The AIR Executive Office is already hard at work planning the 2016 Forum. If you’ve never attended, follow in the footsteps of the 31 percent who came to the Forum for the first time in 2015 and join us in New Orleans May 31–June 3.


Share your comments below about the value of the annual AIR Forum.



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