2019 Forum Strategy Committee:

The Forum Strategy Committee assists the AIR Executive Office in developing the strategic direction of the event, including identification of important and timely topics for presentation in Keynote addresses and Impact Sessions. The committee evaluates potential structural or organizational changes to the event, and shares perspectives on special conference events. Committee members serve for two years, with half of the membership changing each year.


Narren Brown, Associate Vice President of Research & Institutional Effectiveness, South Central College


Ozlem Kacira, Research Project Manager, Pima Community


Mike Krywy, Manager of Research and Planning, Red River College


Michael Le, Research Associate, Humboldt State University


Kristin McKinley, Director of Research Administration, Lawrence University

Jason  Rivera, Vice President for Analytical Services & Institutional Research, University of Bridgeport


Amanda Janice Roberson, Assistant Director of Research and Policy, IHEP


Felisha Shepard-White, Senior Assessment Specialist, Clayton State University

2019 Forum Program Committee:

The Forum Program Committee assists the AIR Executive Office in ensuring a quality concurrent session program. They evaluate the sessions recommended for acceptance via the review process for appropriate diversity of topics and represented settings. The committee identifies areas of over- or under-representation in the program and calls out important and timely topics that should be presented at the conference. Committee members serve for two years, with half of the membership changing each year.

Program Committee_0000_Mike Bohlig

Mike Bohlig, Assistant Director of Research, CCCSE, UT-Austin College of Education

Program Committee_0001_Adrea Hernandez

Adrea Hernandez, Director of Survey and Institutional Research, HEDS


Bethany Miller, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, Cornell College

Program Committee_0005_Laura Palucki Blake

Laura Palucki Blake, AVP for Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Harvey Mudd College

Program Committee_0003_Arie Spirgel

Arie Spirgel, Senior Research Associate, Nova Southeastern University


Tim Stanley, Director of Institutional Research, Utah Valley University


David Troutman, Associate Vice Chancellor for IR and Decision Support, UT System


Mike Urmeneta, Director of Analytics and Business Intelligence, NY Institute of Technology

Advisory Group

The Forum Advisory Group provides feedback on key aspects of the Forum. Members participate in online or email surveys which cover topics such as educational content, networking, and social events, as well as other Forum activities. Members serve as pilot testers for registration, web site content, and the Forum app.

  • Edward Acquah
  • Douglas Anderson
  • Rebecca Barber
  • Sharon Beasley
  • Allison Cantwell
  • Bethan Cantwell
  • Rachel Christeson
  • René Cintrón
  • Chris Coble
  • Margaret Cohen
  • Tasha Dannenbring
  • Tania Das
  • Phyllis Edamatsu
  • Iwalani Else
  • Christopher Ferland
  • Laura Fingerson
  • Gayle Fink
  • Kevin Fosnacht
  • Lou Guthrie
  • Patricia Happel
  • Angela Henderson
  • Erika Hill
  • H. Leon Hill
  • James Hyde
  • Shonda Ireland
  • Ebenezer Kolajo
  • Michelle Kolbe
  • Maxwell Kwenda
  • Oscar Lenning
  • Aungeto Lockhart Sigman
  • Kristia Mapes
  • Charles Mathies
  • Kristin McKinley
  • Karen Menard
  • Bethany Miller
  • Steven Miller
  • Wendy Olson
  • Laura Palucki Blake
  • Anthony Parandi
  • Meghal Parikh
  • Rebecca Patterson
  • Anna Marie Pavy
  • Christine Plepys
  • Kristina Powers
  • Elayne Reiss
  • Susan Richter
  • Katy Selinko
  • Cassandra Sessoms
  • Jessica Shedd
  • Justin Shepherd
  • Donna Silber
  • Sridhar Sitharaman
  • Natalie Solverson
  • Kymber Taylor
  • Danielle Taylor
  • John Vasquez
  • Christopher Vinger
  • Felix Wao
  • Tracy Williams
  • Colleen Wynn
  • Lauren Young