Meeting Space Request


The 2020 AIR Forum provides a place for affiliated organizations (AOs), auxiliary groups, and sponsors to host brainstorming/planning sessions or informative meetings. It is the perfect time to host networking and social events after a long day of professional development. Meeting space is very limited and must be arranged in advance.



There may be a cost associated with the use of meeting space. Additionally, if you are providing catering or have audiovisual needs, AIR will put you in contact with the appropriate person at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans to arrange these services.

There is a fee for sponsors who request a meeting or reception space.


How to Submit a Meeting Space Request

The deadline to submit a meeting space request is March 20, 2020.

Submit the appropriate application below to Kyndra Freeman at Please do not contact the conference center directly to arrange for space to conduct meetings or events being held during the AIR Forum. All meeting/event requests must be submitted to and approved by AIR.

Select the appropriate request form below:

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