AIR Forum Phoenix, AZ June 6-9, 2022

Why stay at a host hotel?

It's the center of conference activity, that's why!

Here, you'll easily network with other conference attendees. It's a quick trip to the meeting venue and functions, which means you'd be able to pop over to your room for a quick break should you need it. 

At host hotels, AIR Forum attendees are guests of honor and comprise the majority of visitors staying at the property during event dates. Hotel staff are familiar with our schedule and are ready to assist attendees with having a great experience in the city. The hotels significantly discount room rates for conference attendees and offer other amenities such as free in-room Wi-Fi. You’ll get a 5-star hotel experience for business travel rates! 

In short, you'll have a better conference experience. 

But there’s another reason to stay at a host hotel.

This one impacts our ability to provide the best experience and low registration rates for future AIR Forum conferences.

Host hotel rates are negotiated based on the number of expected attendees. The basis for negotiation with the hotel is statistics from that conference in prior years. The contract with the hotel then guarantees specific numbers of sleeping rooms will be used each night during the conference. 

If the conference does not meet the contracted sleeping room commitment, the hotel gets paid anyway. Unfilled rooms can cost the conference thousands of dollars. The next conference in the series cannot negotiate as beneficial a hotel contract, and the registration fee is then under pressure to increase. 

If AIR didn't contract for sleeping rooms...

...attendees would be left paying more (often twice as much) to stay at the conference hotel. The conference will incur additional expenses for meeting room rental fees, which can be quite costly. The hotel will not hold a block of rooms for attendees, which may leave some people quite a distance from the conference venue. Attendees will also experience an increase in future conference registration fees. 

Show your support!

By staying at a host hotel, you're supporting the conference and the association (AIR). If you have any questions, please email