2023 AIR Forum Cleveland, Ohio May 28 – June 2, 2023

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Find community by joining your higher education colleagues for a unique opportunity to network, share best practices, and learn from practical workshops and sessions led by the field's leading experts.


At AIR Forum

  • Q: What is the Code of Conduct?
    A: The Code of Conduct is part of the AIR Forum Terms and Conditions. AIR invites you to attend the AIR Forum, our annual conference, in the collegial spirit of learning, sharing, and networking with open-mindedness and respect. Attendees must behave responsibly at all events. Threatening physical or verbal actions; disorderly or disruptive conduct; and harassment, sexual or otherwise, will not be tolerated. Such behavior may result in removal from the meeting, denial of access to meeting facilities, and other penalties. Conference fees will not be refunded if one is removed from the conference for violating this code. 
  • Q: What meals are included with registration?
    A: Two meals are included in your registration fee: breakfast on Wednesday and brunch on Friday. Receptions and breaks are also scheduled during the Exhibit Hall hours and light snacks are provided. 
  • Q: May I bring my laptop? 
    A: Yes. Charging stations will be available in the Exhibit Hall. However, please note that most sessions are set in theater-style seating. This means you may not have a surface on which to place your laptop or charging capabilities during a session. 
  • Q: Will I have access to Wi-Fi? 
    A: Yes. Complimentary Wi-Fi will be made available throughout the AIR Forum at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland. You will receive the password onsite. 
  • Q: What is the dress code at AIR Forum? 
    A: Business casual is the usual dress for AIR Forum. Be sure to pack a light jacket or sweater since meeting rooms can be chilly. 
  • Q: What are my opportunities for networking? 

    A: Networking opportunities at the AIR Forum are designed to help you engage with current colleagues and meet new contacts. Respondents to a previous AIR Forum survey said networking was the #2 reason they attend the conference! 

    The Exhibit Hall: AIR's networking hub, provides ample opportunity to meet and mingle with colleagues. An opening reception, breaks, and on-your-own lunch breaks all take place in the Exhibit Hall. Seating, cybercafé stations, and charging ports are available to keep you connected. Build your network of solution experts by visiting our sponsor booths; learn about the latest tools and services for IR and related fields and gain new partners for success. 

    Poster, “Ask an Expert,” and Product Demonstration sessions are also located in the Exhibit Hall. 

    Conference App: Connect with other attendees, presenters, and sponsors on the AIR Forum conference app! 

    • Post to the activity feed and like other attendees' posts. 
    • Play the app game to help facilitate conversations with sponsors. 
    • Share your feedback by taking surveys and answering poll questions. 

    Social Media: Take networking online and interact with fellow attendees through #AIRForum threads. Here are some tips: 

    • Include the hashtag #AIRForum in all conference-related posts. 
    • Mention the hashtag during other networking opportunities and encourage attendees to live-post their thoughts! 
    • Share your social media handles so networking can continue, even after the conference. 
    • Connect with AIR on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedInFacebook, and AIR Hub

    Note: A previously offered networking opportunity that is not available this year is AIR pre-arranged Dinner Groups. AIR is unable to pre-arrange any dinner groups this year due to group dining requirements of the local restaurants. Attendees are free to arrange their own groups, but we strongly suggest checking with the intended restaurant in advance. 

  • Q: With so many choices, how do I plan my AIR Forum schedule?
    A: All registered attendees will receive access to the AIR Forum app that contains information about all 200+ AIR Forum educational presentations, posters, discussion groups, workshops, and networking events. The app will help you build your AIR Forum schedule with user-friendly tools to search for specific sessions, and even download presentation materials as they become available. 
  • Q: I will need ADA accommodation to fully participate in the conference. How do I inquire about these arrangements?
    A: Registrants were queried about ADA accommodations through the registration process. AIR staff will follow up with these requests. If you require ADA accommodation to fully participate in the AIR Forum, email forum@airweb.org. We are happy to discuss your specific needs. 
  • Q: Are there accommodations for nursing mothers?
    A: Yes. Please visit the AIR Forum registration desk on site to inquire about these options. 
  • Q: What is the Exhibit Hall and what does it offer attendees?

    A: The Exhibit Hall is the AIR Forum networking hub and product resource center. Considered an essential part of the AIR Forum experience, many exciting events, innovative sessions, and networking opportunities will take place here. This year, the Exhibit Hall is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of conference week. Visit to: 

    • Attend the opening reception on Tuesday, May 30; 
    • Attend the networking reception on Wednesday, May 31; 
    • Learn by attending compelling Poster, “Ask an Expert,” and Product Demonstration sessions;
    • Connect with experts and problem-solvers at sponsor booths;
    • Discover innovative products/services useful for your work;
    • Enjoy the scheduled breaks and activities;
    • Recharge your devices at the charging stations;
    • Get some work done at the cybercafés; 
    • Create lasting memories at the photo booth; 
    • Connect with colleagues during the lunch hour;
    • And more! 
  • Q: Why did AIR choose Cleveland as the 2023 conference location?

    A: Due to the size and scope of AIR Forum, locations must be booked four to five years in advance. AIR strives to alternate conference destinations around the U.S. to ensure all stakeholders have equal access to conference locations. A typical two-year rotation is East/West (for example, D.C./Denver). AIR Forum hasn’t been to the Midwest in over 10 years! So, this year, we’re taking over beautiful downtown Cleveland, OH for the 2023 AIR Forum, scheduled for May 30 – June 2. 

    In addition to considering accessible travel options, we look for destinations that offer adequate meeting space, hotel rooms, safety, and entertainment. Hotel room and meeting space rates are also a key consideration as we strive to keep the overall cost of attending AIR Forum within budget. 

    For our stakeholders in California, please know that we closely follow CA AB 1887 to monitor its impact on state employees' ability to attend AIR Forum. Unfortunately, since our locations are typically booked four to five years in advance and with the rapidly changing environment around AB 1887, a location’s relationship with the legislation may change after we’ve already signed a contract. 

  • Q: Who do I contact with any questions I may have?
    A: Visit the Contact Us page.


First-Time Attendees


  • Q: What does the registration fee include?

    A: AIR Forum registration includes access to attend any of the events included at the AIR Forum from Tuesday at 1 p.m. to Friday at noon (U.S. Eastern Time Zone). Events include all sessions, Wednesday breakfast, Friday brunch, Exhibit Hall, receptions & breaks, and keynote speakers. 

    Pre-conference education, hotel stays, parking, travel, and meals/meal functions not specified in the general schedule of events as part of the overall program are not included. Two meals are included in your registration fee: breakfast on Wednesday and brunch on Friday. Receptions and breaks are also scheduled during the Exhibit Hall hours and light snacks are provided. 

    Registration does not include AIR membership, but AIR members enjoy discounted registration rates. We’ve made it easy to add 12 months of membership to your AIR Forum registration so you can get the discount, too. Find out what it means to be an AIR member here

  • Q: What are pre-conference education opportunities and why should I attend them? 
    A: Pre-conference educational opportunities are offered as multi-day, full-day, and half-day sessions on Monday, May 29, and Tuesday, May 30. Seats are limited, and additional fees are required. 
  • Q: What are the options for accessing AIR Forum content after the conference?
    A: Access to session materials and scholarly papers will be available to 2023 AIR Forum attendees through the conference app (which will be accessible prior to the conference). 
  • Q: My employer is requesting an AIR W-9 form. Where can I find that?

    A: We understand your employer's accounts payable department may request an AIR W-9 form, so we've made it easily accessible. You may download the W-9 form here. If you have any specific questions or need assistance, please contact air@airweb.org.