2023 AIR Forum Cleveland, Ohio May 28 – June 2, 2023

Meeting Space Request

The deadline to submit a meeting space request was April 14, 2023. 

AIR Forum provides a place for affiliated organizations (AOs), auxiliary groups, and sponsors to host meetings and gatherings. Meeting space is very limited and must be arranged in advance. 

Meeting Request Forms

Fees and Costs

There may be a cost* associated with the use of meeting space. Additionally, if you are providing catering or have specific set-up or audiovisual needs outside of AIR’s standard arrangements, AIR will put you in contact with the appropriate resources to arrange these services, and there may be a cost associated with customizing the set-ups, AV, and adding food and beverage service to the meeting. 

*There is a fee for sponsors who request a meeting or reception space that is not included in their sponsor package. 

*AIR has set aside a special time block for Affiliated Organizations and Auxiliary Groups to gather at the AIR Forum. There is no cost for meeting space for these meetings, but additional services such as room resets, additional AV, and/or food and beverage are the responsibility of the group.

How to Submit a Meeting Space Request 

To arrange your meeting, email your completed meeting request form to forum@airweb.org. Please do not contact the convention center or hotels directly to arrange for space to conduct meetings or gatherings being held during the AIR Forum. All meeting/event requests must be submitted to and approved by AIR. 

The deadline to submit a meeting space request was April 14, 2023.