AIR Forum Virtual sponsored by Microsoft

Impact Sessions

AIR Forum Virtual offered two impact sessions on important topics relevant in today's higher education landscape.


Ethics in Action: The Ideal and the Everyday

Presenters: Michelle Appel, University of Maryland; Jeffrey Johnson, Utah Valley University; and Christine M. Keller, Association for Institutional Research

As data professionals, we expect each other to approach our work with integrity. It is rare to find someone in this field who operates with malintent. Yet, as we know, most things in life are not clear cut, including ethical boundaries. What raises concern for some of us may be straightforward for others. It is both helpful and necessary to have a professional foundation to refer to when questions arise, and the AIR Statement of Ethical Principles (January 2020) serves this important purpose. The existence of ethical principles is not enough, however; the true value is in their application. Join us for a dynamic conversation about what it means for the AIR community to embrace a shared vision of ethical practice, including examples and ideas for how to employ the principles in our work.

Supporting Student Success in the New Landscape of Higher Education

Presenters: Laura Palucki Blake, Harvey Mudd College; Kristi N. Hottenstein, University of Michigan – Flint; and Liz Orwin, Harvey Mudd College 

Higher education has been moving toward a data-informed model centered on student success for many years, and that work is built on a set of core assumptions: silos limit innovation, collaboration doesn’t happen without dedicated attention to relationships, and the intersections of our work impact students. How do we sustain that imperative in the current environment while many of us are working remotely, confronting issues of racial injustice, and much of our instruction and community has moved online? This topic presents numerous challenges—more than we can address in this session—but it’s essential for us to keep them at the forefront. Join us for a conversation that starts to unbundle these issues.