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Dean, General Education

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Job Duties

Duties & Responsibilities

Represents the college and serves as the key spokesperson for general education to internal and external entities, including but not limited to, international, national, regional, local, and college-wide entities
Fosters a collaborative, interdisciplinary academic environment supportive of the College mission and vision, student centered services, and academic administrative excellence
Establishes the framework, aligns competencies, and grounds a vision of student success in order to reform and restructure language and developmental education, and general education gateway courses to strengthen student retention, success and improve progression through completion of college-level courses
Coordinates with the chair and faculty conveners of the general education disciplines, as well as language and developmental faculty to enact strategies that provide high visibility and support for the student success and completion of the Associate in Arts degree, language and developmental programs, and general education courses related to the Associate in Science and related College Credit Certificates
Provides annual effectiveness reporting for the general education disciplines, and language and developmental education programs; prepares college-wide action plans, grant reports and strategic enrollment management plans, in consultation with the members of the College’s executive leadership team to facilitate alignment with college-wide priorities
Collaborates with the Deans of Student Affairs, Deans of the Academic Schools and Deans of the Faculty, directs the development, implementation and execution of college-wide early alert and intervention strategic plan that integrates cognitive and non-cognitive assessments and interventions
Collaborates with other Deans and appropriate district and campus personnel to develop and implement strategic enrollment management initiatives, with a particular focus on the Associate in Arts degree; and assumes shared responsibility for meeting or exceeding performance targets for student recruitment, enrollment, completion, and transfer or job placement
Serves as the primary liaison and resource for concurrent enrollment language and developmental programs, and gateway mathematics and English elements of the College’s Developmental Education Plan
Identifies funding opportunities, secures external funding to support educational initiatives and instructional enhancements while managing fiscal resources effectively
Participates in the design and implementation of new policies, procedures, pedagogies, curricula, facilities, job descriptions, professional development, etc. that support general education and language and developmental education
Works in conjunction with College Training and Development to develop and deliver professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to enhance teaching and learning competency
Ensures that class schedules, course offerings, academic advising and student support services meet student needs across the College while supporting the continuous development, review and revision of academic curricula at the course level to assure quality and relevancy
Establishes and maintains relationships with local K-12 schools, colleges and universities, businesses, and community-based organizations to promote and benefit enrollment, academic programming, and academic readiness
Supports and provides guidance in the collective bargaining process
Performs other duties as assigned

Job Qualifications

Minimum Requirements

Doctorate degree in Education or related discipline and six (6) years of senior level management experience in higher education and possess leadership and creative accomplishments in an administrative role at an institution of higher learning
All degrees must be from a regionally accredited institution
Knowledge and understanding of College organization, goals and objectives, and policies and procedures
Knowledge of college educational philosophy and top management administrative practices and procedures
Knowledge of college curricula and instructional programs
Knowledge of trends in general education program
Knowledge of regional accreditation requirements, processes and criteria
Knowledge of trends in language and developmental programs
Knowledge and skill in effective communication utilizing public relations principles and practices
Knowledge of technological systems as they apply to instructional, administrative, and workplace needs
Strategic planning skills to effect change in a multi-cultural environment
Skill in employee development and performance management
Strong leadership skills that promote dedication, creativity, innovation and growth
Ability to develop and interpret financial data/plans and manage resources
Ability to think, reason, and make sound judgments on how responsibilities are completed in compliance with college standards and guidelines
Ability to speak effectively to employees, faculty, staff and community groups
Ability to work effectively in a multi-ethnic/multi-cultural environment with students, faculty and staff

Institution Description

The Dean of General Education provides leadership through planning, student outcomes analysis and reporting, general education course review and revision, resource development, innovation, administrative and student development and cross-disciplinary collaboration to ensure the centrality of general education student outcomes at the College. The position promotes academic readiness, high-quality, innovative teaching and learning support systems and integrated academic and student support services that maximize student achievement and success in the Associate in Arts degree, language and developmental pathways and general education courses. This is a Professional Exempt Contractual (PEC) position for which an annual contract reflecting the base salary within the fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th) will be issued after ratification by Miami Dade College’s District Board of Trustees.


$113,897 - Base Salary
Application Due Date: 2019-03-19
Job Start Date: 2019-03-19
Salary: Dependent on qualifications and experience.
City: Miami
State/Province/Region: FL
Institution: Miami Dade College
Reports To: Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
Staff # Reporting to Position: 1
Reports In Office: District Office of Education

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