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College Research Analyst

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Job Duties

Administration and Leadership
Provide leadership in matters related to unit-wide process evaluation, assessment, accreditation, program reviews,
and data management for the College of Technology, Architecture, and Applied Engineering.
Develop, measure and monitor key performance indicators and identify opportunities for embedding improvement
activities in college operations.
Provide leadership of a small department, unit or major function and/or direct supervision over
administrative/professional employees.
Lead cross-functional committees and work groups to plan and implement process improvement initiatives.
Oversee the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation a comprehensive and coordinated assessment,
accreditation, and reporting cycles within CTAAE including on-line programs
Manage daily operations with decision-making authority in matters related to assessment and accreditation, state and
federal accountability reports, and other operations.

Data Collection, Management and Analytics
Provide insight into data-informed decisions and performance funding by analyzing university, state and federal data
sources, external data from websites, marketing information, and other universities.
Monitor trends in enrollment, graduation, program completion and licensure by program, school or department and
regularly share reports with college leadership.
Analyze and report program impact data, including graduates, employment, partners and accountability data.
Develop methods for data collection and analysis beyond data that is available in university systems.
Oversee and perform data collection as needed.
Transform datasets for longitudinal integrity. Prepare interactive reports, data visualizations and dashboards.
Support and train end users in how to use interpret and act on the reports.
Respond to ad hoc data requests.
Monitor state and national employment trends related to college programs.

Assessment and Evaluation
Oversee collection, analysis, and reporting of data related to all aspects of evaluation of CTAAE, including programs,
support services, co-ops, and college processes and procedures and ensure consistency and accuracy of information
across reporting platforms
Lead the implementation of assessment system changes or upgrades
Manage the University’s SAAC assessment reporting cycle on behalf of CTAAE programs.
Ensure reliability and validity of assessment instruments used for accreditation
Research best practices and make policy recommendations to the Dean and Associate Deans

Accreditation and Continuous Improvement
Advise the Dean and Associate Deans on matters related to continuous improvement, data-informed decisions,
assessment, accreditation, and program review
Collaborate with program area faculty to develop and implement assessment plans to improve the quality of programs
and services
Design, implement, monitor and evaluate a continuous improvement system for CTAAE strategic plans and priorities
Monitor and assure compliance with accreditation standards and maintenance of documentation to prepare
accreditation and compliance reports
Collaborate with program area coordinators activities for continuing program approval with accreditors and internal
and external reviewers for all existing and new accredited programs.

Build and Maintain Internal and External Relationships
Manage the transition and implementation of the college assessment and data management system including working
with external companies, consultants or vendors, college leadership, faculty and staff.
Lead cross-functional committees and work groups to plan and implement process improvement initiatives
Represent the college at appropriate university regional, and state bodies committees, councils, etc.

Job Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications:
Master’s degree in Engineering or multiple fields that could include, Technology, Supply Chain, Business Management, Data
Analytics or Quality Assurance required.

Also the following experience is required:
2 or more years of experience in data management, analysis and use of statistical software tools.

Institution Description

The College Research Analyst provides leadership for the coordination of evaluation of college systems, assessment and
accreditation of programs, is an active and creative contributor in the process of institutional and college self-study, and
develops new data collection and analysis methods for continuous improvement of the college efficiency and effectiveness
beyond student assessment and accreditation. The College Research Analyst collaborates with the Dean,
Associate/Assistant Deans, School College Research Analysts and faculty representatives to clarify data needs and develop
appropriate reporting protocols from university, external data systems, and new data collection. The College Research
Analyst advises the Dean and Associate Deans on matters related to continuous improvement, data-informed decisions,
assessment, accreditation, and program, and college efficiency reviews.

Knowledge, Skills or Abilities
Experience working with leadership and groups for strategic planning, designing data collection methodologies,
statistical data analysis, data management, data presentation.
Experience using data analysis tools such as R, SAS, SPSS, Excel, Tableau, Qlikview, Highcharts, etc., Microsoft
Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Microsoft Access or other SQL database management software, Qualtrics for


Full benefit package available.
Application Due Date: 2019-03-29
Job Start Date: 2019-06-01
Salary: Dependent on qualifications and experience.
City: Bowling Green
State/Province/Region: OH
Institution: Bowling Green State University
Reports To: Jennie J. Gallimore, Dean
Staff # Reporting to Position: 0
Reports In Office: College of Technology, Architecture & Applied Engineering

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