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This long-running eAIR feature is a resource for simplifying and streamlining IR activities. Often supported by step-by-step instructions, each tip provides solutions to common software or data issues of interest to IR and assessment professionals. All submissions are peer reviewed by volunteers before being published in eAIR. To submit a Tech Tip or suggest a topic for consideration, contact

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    • Tech Tips
    • 11.19.19

    Using the Excel Time Function

    • by Dale Amburgey, Assistant Director of Institutional Research, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    I have been working on planning a conference for an organization and need to create a daily agenda. In the past, this task would be achieved by using some combination of cutting, pasting, and filling within Excel. Recent...
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    • Tech Tips
    • 10.15.19

    Excel MEDIAN IF Array Formula

    • by Lisa Smith, Institutional Research Manager, Northwest College
    A MEDIAN IF array formula in Excel will identify the middle number of values that meet certain criteria. An array formula performs an operation on multiple values instead of a single value. In this array formula, we esse...
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  • TTSept20195small
    • Tech Tips
    • 09.17.19

    Side-by-Side Comparison Charts

    • by Terry McCamish, Accountability Data Analyst, Technical College System of Georgia
    Figure 1. Ethnicity Table The columns I used for the chart were Ethnicity, Georgia Percentage Positive, Georgia Percentage, and College Percentage (Figure 2). Excel 2016 is the software used to construct the chart. The ...
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  • TTAug20192sm
    • Tech Tips
    • 08.26.19

    Using the INSERT Command in SPSS Syntax

    • by Becky Bell, Assistant Director for Institutional Research, Howard Community College
    There are usually some of the same variables (gender, birthdate, etc.) included in multiple data files that your office collects or maintains. Instead of duplicating the syntax in the syntax file for each data file, a sm...
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  • TT-July-2019-page
    • Tech Tips
    • 07.12.19

    Using the Listagg Function in SQL

    • by Jinny Case, Senior Research Analyst and Ashwin Jayagopal, Institutional Research Analyst, University of Texas at San Antonio
    Our institutional research analysts frequently extract data and modify the structure of data using SQL to suit the needs of data consumers or to ease analysis. Often, we need to aggregate tables containing multiple rows ...
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