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Job Duties

The Research Analyst will perform survey research and data collection for University studies designed to examine and track the characteristics, opinions, and experiences of students, alumni, employers, etc. Responsible for all aspects of each survey project, to include: consultation with faculty, staff, and administrators; determining best methods for data collection; establishing and managing timelines and tasks; developing scripts and facilitating focus groups; designing questionnaire content, wording, and layout; managing and maintaining data files; producing and interpreting output; conducting research for comparative statistics; performing statistical tests; creating meaningful summary reports; and disseminating and presenting findings. Other research-related duties as assigned.
Responsibilities Include the following:
Survey Research
Determine survey project timelines and tasks, and manage their execution. Identify survey target audience and utilize sampling methods in determining the sample cohort. Develop survey content, wording, scales, and flow. Develop scripts and facilitate focus groups. Create survey forms, manage administration, and prepare basic reports using a web-based platform. Import/export data files between software packages to convert raw data into clean, manageable files (apply statistical weights where necessary). Program statistical software to produce summary data tables, relevant breakouts, and run basic inferential statistical tests (where appropriate). Interpret and summarize quantitative and/or qualitative data and findings into a report, including graphs and comparative data where appropriate. Disseminate results in a timely manner.
Meet with individuals who request a new survey to evaluate their needs and provide guidance as to the best method of data collection. Assist university faculty and staff in utilizing and refining existing survey instruments as appropriate to their specific needs. Ensure that ongoing survey results are disseminated in a timely manner to coincide with departmental assessment activities, and provide assistance in understanding the results. Present survey research results and participate in any follow-up meetings.
Prepare reports of survey project results for presentation to students, faculty, staff, or other audiences. Create, manage and update interactive survey reports using data visualization tools such as PowerBI. Prepare customized reports of survey results to support the University’s program review and accreditation needs. Respond to ad hoc requests for survey results from external agencies (college guides, state agencies, etc.) and the University community.
Perform ad hoc analyses using data obtained from sources other than, or in addition to, survey research.

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in social science/research-based, such as: Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, Measurement, or related discipline.
  • Experience with survey design principles (e.g. defining target and sample cohorts; creating questionnaire content, wording, scales, and flow).
  • Familiarity with online survey platforms/tools (preferably Qualtrics), and administration procedures (e.g. communication, tracking of non-respondents, collection of data into importable files, etc.).
  • Experience with statistical software (preferably SPSS) at the syntax/programming level to examine and clean data and produce summary tables of results.
  • Experience in using data visualization tools (preferably PowerBI) for analysis, presentation of data, and creation of interactive reports.
  • Experience in using graphics, spreadsheet, and word processing software for presentation of data.
  • Familiarity with research methods, descriptive and inferential statistical analyses, and reporting of statistical data, research results, and conclusions.
  • Familiarity with focus group design and facilitation.
  • Ability to verify and interpret data.
  • Knowledge of institutional research and its practices and issues in higher education.
  • Knowledge of Embry-Riddle culture, organization and academics is a plus.
  • Willingness to adapt to job responsibilities across the institutional research field (cross-training).
  • Ability to quickly learn and apply new ideas, processes, and technologies.
  • Ability to establish and manage project tasks and deadlines, manage multiple projects, solve problems, and meet deadlines.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Ability to work effectively independently as well as in team working groups.
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with higher education upper administration.

Institution Description

At Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, we teach the science, practice, and business of the world of aviation and aerospace.

Since it was founded just 22 years after the Wright brothers' first flight, the University and its graduates have built an enviable record of achievement in every aspect of aviation and aerospace. The curriculum at Embry-Riddle covers the operation, engineering, research, manufacturing, marketing, and management of modern aircraft and the systems that support them.

The University engages in extensive research and consulting that address the unique needs of aviation, aerospace, and related industries.

Residential campuses in Daytona Beach, Fla., and Prescott, Ariz., provide education in a traditional setting, while Embry-Riddle Worldwide provides instruction through both online and face-to-face methods via a network of education facilities designed to support student advancement in the U.S. and abroad. 


Application Due Date: 2020-02-17
Job Start Date: 2020-03-09
Salary: Dependent on qualifications and experience.
City: Daytona Beach
State/Province/Region: FL
Institution: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Reports To: Executive Director of Institutional Research
Staff # Reporting to Position: 0
Reports In Office: Institutional Research

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