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Alder Math Education Specialist Faculty

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Job Duties


Reporting to the Dean and working closely with the Alder GSE team to support the mission, vision and core values of Alder GSE, the essential responsibilities of the Math Education Specialist include:


  • Work closely with Dean and Alder Faculty to improve the academic program through course review, faculty development, and evaluation of program inputs and achievements, specifically in their content area of expertise.
  • Design and teach multiple Alder GSE courses (in a four-term academic year) related to Math education, teaching, and assessment and other topics.
  • Serve as Course Lead as appropriate, guiding the work of adjunct faculty teaching the same section of the course taught by this role/content specialist faculty.
  • Lead programming for clinical program supervisors in Math education.
  • Design and lead seminar content as needed in all Alder regions in Math education.
  • Serve as program supervisor as appropriate in Math education.


  • Work closely as a member of the Alder Academic Team, accomplishing key responsibilities for program execution and improvement with P12 partners
  • Work closely with Alder Academic Team to ensure successful work with other university partners
  • Articulate cohesive Alder academic program core and opportunities for contextual differentiation alongside myriad Alder stakeholders
  • Work through the four primary learning forae: seminars, online courses, course intensives and mentor classrooms to ensure Alder realizes its mission and vision
  • Find ways to bridge the partnership between P12 schools and the GSE to achieve the mission/vision


  • Actively engage in research and contribution to field of teacher education
  • Work in concert with national partners to advance field of teacher education by participating in local and national conferences and networks


  • Collaborate with the Dean, Directors, and all Alder faculty to implement an effective program
  • Assume leadership of institutional and academic initiatives as appropriate
  • Collaborate in accreditation efforts including research, writing, and committee work 

Job Qualifications


1) Required knowledge, skills & abilities:

  • Expert in relevant content knowledge for teaching and pedagogical content knowledge for mathematics
  • Knowledge of the current context of public schooling including the California adopted P-12 content standards, frameworks, and accountability systems 
  • Knowledge of diversity in society, including diverse abilities, culture, language, ethnicity, and gender orientation
  • Demonstration of effective professional practices in teaching and learning, scholarship, and service.
  • Relevant Professional experiences in elementary, secondary, and/or special education educational settings
  • Teaching Experience:  a minimum of three (3) years in elementary, secondary, and/or special education classrooms
  • Ability to teach adult learners
  • Experience in teacher preparation in a higher education setting
  • Experience coaching and developing P12 educators
  • Proven track record of working with diverse student populations
  • Able to bring a powerful Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lens to all work
  • Ability to work in ambiguous, complex, and rapidly changing environments
  • Excellent communication skills and experience, including in a digital environment, collaborating with diverse stakeholders  
  • Ideally has published in education or related field
  • Believes that education transforms lives and that every student deserves the opportunity to go to college
  • Passion for graduate schools of education and their communities
  • Enthusiasm for the role, Alder’s mission and vision

2) Minimum educational level:

  • Doctoral degree, or in progress towards doctoral degree completed by June 2020 required

3) Experience required:

  • 5 or more years of experience and success in related roles 

Institution Description

We believe quality public education is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy. Our immersive theory + practice residency program is designed to make that a reality through our partnerships with accredited institutions of higher education and our relationships with K–12 school partners.
Alder graduates are effective educators and a force for positive social change.


Outstanding teachers and leaders change students’ lives and make the world better and more just.


To create opportunity and cultivate success for every student by recruiting and educating excellent teachers and leaders who reflect our schools’ communities.



Alder GSE offers competitive salary and benefits

  • We strive to promote a work-life balance — many teammates work remotely and have significant control over setting work calendar
  • We offer generous medical and retirement benefits
  • We help with payback of outstanding student loans
  • We provide generous funding to help faculty pursue research and advance their scholarship.
Application Due Date: 2020-05-08
Job Start Date: 2020-05-11
Salary: $80000 - $120000
City: Stockton, Monterey, Los Angeles, and San Francisco Bay Area
State/Province/Region: CA
Institution: Alder Graduate School of Education
Reports To: Alder CA Locations in Stockton, Monterey, Los Angeles, and San Francisco Bay Area
Staff # Reporting to Position: 1
Reports In Office: Alder CA Locations in Stockton, Monterey, Los Angeles, and San Francisco Bay Area

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