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Research and Data Analyst

Application Procedure:

Interested applicants that meet the requirements listed above should send a cover letter (with the reference number, a daytime phone number and email address), resume, three references, a 3-5 page analytic work sample, and a one page writing sample (may be an excerpt from a longer document/report/study) to:


Office of the Secretary of Higher Education

Attn:  Donna Fletcher-Lugo

Director, Executive Services

1 John Fitch Plaza, PO Box 542

Trenton, NJ  08625


NOTE: An application must include the information requested above and be received no later than the due date.  You will automatically be disqualified for the position if the requested information is not included.

Job Duties

  • Obtain data from appropriate internal and external sources and perform analysis of OSHE, HESAA, and other data sources as needed/available.
  • Assist in the maintenance, storage and reporting from the OSHE SURE data system (SQL Server Database).  Process individual and multiple SURE files submitted from institutions using this system and the error reports to assist in cleaning and loading final production quality data into the SURE system.  Be the premier user of this system and assist in writing SSRS/Access/Excel queries and reports to provide the needed data out of the system.
  • Assist with the compilation of statutory required reports and assist the Director in completing the IPEDS reports for SURE participating institutions in New Jersey.
  • Assist in the coordination and administration of various constituent surveys using sound survey research methodology.
  • Assist the Director in completing internal and external data requests using SURE data and NJ Institutional data from IPEDS. 
  • Prepare results of analysis in formats appropriate for various audiences and occasions.  Assist in writing research briefs on topics of interest to the Secretary and others in OSHE.
  • Other duties, as assigned by the Secretary of Higher Education, Deputy Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and/or the Director of Research and Analysis.
  • Support the state plan for higher education, with sound data.
  • Ability to handle confidential records and sensitive documents with discretion.
  • Capable of performing effectively in a fast-paced environment under strict and overlapping deadlines.
  • Ability to master new and emerging technologies to the benefit of the agency.
  • Uncompromising attention to accuracy and detail with the ability to work independently and effectively with all segments of the OSHE.

Job Qualifications

  • Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills necessary to establish and maintain effective working relationships with agency staff, with research staff in other education agencies and at institutions of higher education.
  • Candidate must possess significant problem solving skills with the ability to identify and analyze problems, as well as devise solutions. Problems are highly varied and complex, requiring new concepts and approaches. 
  • Evidence of having a collaborative and cooperative work style that drives projects to completion.
  • Ability to review and synthesize literature, conduct statistical analyses, interpret data, and identify trends. 
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate significant amounts of information.
  • Proficiency in technology and the use of integrated information systems. Adept at query development, report writing, and presentation of findings. Knowledge of SQL is a plus.
  • Proficiency in research-oriented software, such as statistical software (e.g. SPSS, SAS, and STATA).
  • Familiarity with IPEDS.

Institution Description

Every New Jerseyan, regardless of life circumstances, should have the opportunity to obtain a high-quality credential that prepares them for life after college.” Achieving this student-centered vision for higher education in New Jersey is the overriding mission of the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE).  The Secretary of Higher Education advises the Governor on higher education initiatives and proposed legislation. OSHE reviews requests for State support from institutions and communicates with higher education leaders, faculty and students across the state under the direction of the Secretary. OSHE released the state plan for higher education in March 2019, and now coordinates its implementation. OSHE is a fast-paced and entrepreneurial agency that strives to make the state’s vision for higher education a reality.



Comprehensive State of New Jersey benefits offered.
Application Due Date: 2022-08-25
Job Start Date: 2022-10-03
Salary: $60000 - $75000
City: Trenton
State/Province/Region: NJ
Institution: New Jersey Office of the Secretary of Higher Education
Reports To: Director of Research and Analysis
Staff # Reporting to Position: 0
Reports In Office: Research

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