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Director of Analytics and Institutional Research

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Job Duties

Duties and Responsibilities

Support a campus-wide data-informed decision-making culture

  • Produce actionable insights from data through various quantitative and qualitative analytics.
  • Compile, analyze, and report institutional data related to various student and institutional characteristics.
  • Research, organize, and assemble data retrieved from various local, state, and national databases.
  • Manage survey projects from design through analysis and reporting.
  • Perform data analysis that answers student-centric research questions.
  • Develop presentations and visualizations that effectively communicate report outcomes and key findings.
  • Build and maintain self-service business intelligence reports and dashboards.

Manage on-going and ad-hoc internal data analytics initiatives

  • Serve as a clearinghouse for data requests and delegate assignments as appropriate to other research and data analysts.
  • Work with stakeholders to establish and define actionable research questions.
  • Anticipate the need for and suggest reports and queries relating to the institutional mission.
  • Lead AIR colleagues in developing, maintaining, and enhancing relevant data resources and systems.
  • Exemplify quality customer service, client relations and time management.
  • Handle correspondence and communications in a timely manner.

Ensure regulatory reporting completion and compliance with federal, state, and other external agencies

  • Oversee the preparation of regulatory surveys and reports.
  • Serve as the institution’s Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) keyholder.
  • Work with the Idaho Office of State Board of Education and representatives from other Idaho higher education institutions to provide consistent and meaningful reports and metrics.
  • Support other research and data analysts through technical expertise, review, training, and professional development.

Organize data governance and integrity initiatives

  • Collaborate with the CSI Office of Institutional Technology (IT) and other stakeholders across the institutions to define business processes that maintain and enhance data integrity.
  • Identify and prioritize data improvement opportunities.
  • Emphasize reproducibility of research through thorough documentation and transparency.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Communicate with the Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Communication regarding activities, circumstances, scope of work, team professional development needs, software and hardware needs, etc.
  • Identify and master new technical tools and techniques that enhance department skill sets.
  • Maintain office files, records, and software logs with an emphasis on reproducibility.
  • Perform other miscellaneous and special duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications

Required Qualifications/Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related discipline.
  • Three years of experience in a data-centric capacity.
  • Knowledge of research management, design, methods, and statistical analysis.
  • Expertise with system-level relational databases and data extraction with SQL.
  • Familiarity with data warehouse concepts and systems.
  • Experience with at least one statistical computing language (e.g., R, Python).
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel).
  • Ability to work and lead in both team and independent work environments.
  • Excellent communication and client management skills.
  • Knowledge of College of Southern Idaho’s implemented software:
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Business Intelligence (Power BI, SSRS)
    • Office 365 Teams and SharePoint

Preferred Qualifications/Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related discipline.
  • Institutional research experience at a post-secondary college or university.
    • Familiarity with federal and state reporting requirements for post-secondary institutions.
    • Knowledge of higher education trends and issues, including enrollment management, student success, and financial aid.
  • Prior experience leading a small team.
  • Knowledge of machine learning and predictive analytics.
  • Knowledge of College of Southern Idaho’s implemented software:
    • Jenzabar EX (ERP)
    • Anthology
    • R Studio
    • Power Query
    • Dynamics 365

Institution Description

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Job Description

The Director of Analytics and Institutional Research at the College of Southern Idaho leads a team of research and data analysts in the Office of Analytics and Institutional Research (AIR). Under the direction of the Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Communication, the Director of Analytics and Institutional Research supervises the AIR team in designing, conducting, coordinating, and reporting on institutional research activities, including data collection, tracking systems, and analytical methodologies across a wide range of topics and reporting needs. The Director is responsible for guiding collaboration and engagement within the AIR team, as well as among administrators, faculty, and staff from across the college, and with external constituents. The Director is also responsible for the direct supervision and evaluation of the other research and data analysts in the office. 

The Director guides the AIR team in providing data support for the college's institutional effectiveness efforts including strategic planning, operational planning, enrollment management, program review, accreditation, assessment, grants, and other special initiatives.  The Director works with data from a variety of internal and external sources, extracting and producing meaningful results in response to broad, anecdotal observations, and understands the importance of data validation and the identification of data integrity issues involved in the data cleaning process. The Director leads the AIR team in designing and executing projects in accordance with sound research principles under tight deadlines.


  • Competitive benefits package
  •  Paid vacation and holiday leave
  • Free tuition and reduced fees at select Idaho universities
  • Robust employee wellbeing program
  • Access to athletics, arts, and culture
  • Fitness facility and outdoor challenge course
  • Onsite cafeteria
  • State retirement program (PERSI)
  • Our campus is the most beautiful park in Twin Falls!
Application Due Date: 2023-05-31
Job Start Date: 2023-06-30
Salary: $70000 - $70000
City: Twin Falls
State/Province/Region: ID
Institution: College of Southern Idaho
Reports To: Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Communication
Staff # Reporting to Position: 2
Reports In Office: Office of Analytics and Institutional Research

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