National Survey of IR Offices Benchmarking

Benchmarking Options

Institutional leaders who complete the National Survey of IR Offices not only contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the field but automatically gain access to two benchmarking tool options: 

Basic Benchmarking

  • Free to all survey completers 
  • Filter and compare with other institutions based on sector 
  • Explore comparison data and download graphs for all survey questions 
  • Retrieve summary reports on survey results 
  • Generate a set of summary reports for each survey section 
  • Review changes over time for institutions that completed the survey in 2015 and/or 2018  

Premium Benchmarking 

Institutions seeking expanded benchmarking tools to compare with peer institutions may purchase premium access (see pricing) with these additional features: 

  • Use any of the basic benchmarking tools 
  • Refine your peer group using up to 14 filters including Carnegie Classification, state, enrollment, and office size 


What is Benchmarking?

Benchmarking is the practice of comparing organizations or offices in effort to learn from varying approaches and levels of success. Benchmarking allows you to access credible information about your peer or aspirant IR Offices. That information can help you understand if your office is performing efficiently, effectively, and if your office is resourced adequately for the work that’s expected of you. 

National Survey of IR Offices

Why Benchmark?

There is power in benchmarking your office with your peers. Benchmarking provides evidence that higher levels of performance are possible. It changes the never-ending debate of, “Is something wrong?” to an action-driven conversation of, “How can we improve?" It may challenge long-held beliefs about how an Office should operate or contribute to institutional goals while informing your decisions about where and how to improve. 

How does it work?

Understanding the Evolving Role of IR in Higher Education covers: 
  • The types of data collected from the National Survey
  • How to leverage benchmarking data for improvement
  • The types of available reports
  • The enhanced benchmarking tools
  • How to participate in the National Survey

Recorded December 2, 2021. Presentation slides are available for download (PDF).

What options will be available to me?

Find comparative insights by selecting from the various filters. 


Basic Benchmarking 

  • Institutional sector 

Premium Benchmarking 

  • Institutional sector 
  • Institutional level 
  • Institutional control 
  • State/U.S. territory 
  • Highest degree offered at institution 
  • Historically Black College or University (HBCU) 
  • Tribal College or University 
  • Land-grant institution 
  • 2018 Carnegie Classification Basic 
  • Total IR Staff FTE 
  • Unduplicated 12-month headcount  
  • Total FTE enrollment  
  • IR Office reporting structure 
  • Office leader is the institution's chief data and analytics officer 
National Survey of IR Offices


Please note access to data is limited to those who completed the survey. 


AIR MemberAIR Nonmember
Basic BenchmarkingFREEFREE
Premium Benchmarking$199$249