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  • 08.26.19

Journal News

  • by eAIR

Keep current with the latest news from influential IR, assessment, and higher education journals. This edition of eAIR Journal News covers the latest Innovative Higher Education (IHE) issue with a handy editor's tip.

The articles listed below have recently appeared in print in volume 44, number 3, of IHE. As always, we note that the appearance of articles in the print issue is significantly behind the publication of articles in the online version of the journal. The large majority of subscribers are libraries and consortia, and they generally subscribe to the online version.

The articles appearing in this print issue are as follows.

  • Kay H. Gillespie, “Everybody Needs a Mrs. Strickland! But Why?”
  • Hironao Hokahana and Yi Hao, “Are they worth it?: Master’s Degrees and Labor Market Outcomes in the STEM Workforce”
  • Lucas B. Hill, Julia N. Savoy, Ann Austin, and Bipana Bantawa, “The Impact of Multi-institutional STEM Reform Networks: A Case Study of CIRTL”
  • Kyle A. Burgason, Ophir Sefiha, and Lisa Briggs, “Cheating is in the Eye of the Beholder: An Evolving Understanding of Academic Misconduct”
  • M. Kyle Capstick, Leigh M. Harrell-Williams, Colton D. Cockrum, and Steven L. West, “Exploring the Effectiveness of Academic Coaching for Academically-at-risk College Students”
  • Frank Fernandez, Dan Merson, Hyun Kyoung Ro, and Susan Rankin, “Do Classroom Interactions Relate to Considerations of Institutional Departure among Student Veterans and Service Members?”

Editor’s Tip:  You have probably heard the phrase “doesn’t stand a chance.” Well, submitting a manuscript without looking closely at the guidelines for submission for a particular journal may well mean that it indeed doesn’t stand a chance if the most basic guidelines for submission are ignored. For example, if a journal requires a manuscript to be double-spaced and it is submitted with single spacing, it will fall into this category. Always review the guidelines for journal submissions closely.   

For information about this journal please visit the website. There you will find the guidelines for submission, a listing of the Editorial Board members, and abstracts of articles going back to 1989.