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  • 12.17.19

Journal News

  • by eAIR

This month, check out the latest articles from The Journal of Innovative Higher Education and  view a great tip for authors from the journal editor. 

The articles listed below have recently been posted in “Online First,” the online version of the journal of Innovative Higher Education. These articles are now published, and they are accessible to subscribers and fully citable with the doi number. They will appear later in a bundled e-issue and print issue.

Journal of Innovative Higher Education

  • Drew Lewis, “Student Anxiety in Standards Based Grading in Mathematics Courses,”

  • David Chavez Herting, et al., “Patterns of PowerPoint Use in Higher Education:A Comparison between Natural, Medical, and Social Sciences,”

  • Christine G. Mokher, et al., “Institutional Transformation Reflected:Engagement in Sensemaking and Organizational Learning in Florida’s Developmental Education Reform,” and

  • Douglas L. Robertson, “Student Success, Research Prominence, and Unintended Consequences at Public Metropolitan Research Universities.”

Note that the majority of subscriptions are libraries and consortia.

Editor’s Tip: Yes, language changes all the time. If it didn’t, we would still all be speaking Chaucerian English or perhaps something even older! And so we have new words that arise and enter our language. However, perhaps a word of caution is appropriate, perhaps we should think about a new word that we or someone or “they” create. Do we need it, is it meaningful? Examples: here are two new words rising from our younger generation…”a fail” (a new noun meaning “failure”), “to adult” (a new verb apparently meaning to engage in behaviors commonly expected from persons considered to be of adult age). Do you like those new words, are they going to be part of your everyday vocabulary?

For information about this journal, please visit the journal website. There you will find the guidelines for submission, a listing of the Editorial Board members, and abstracts of past  published articles.