As part of AIR’s 50th anniversary celebration, historic documents including papers, books,
and manuscripts are being added to the AIR History page throughout this year.
One such document is The Association for Institutional Research: The First 50 Years by
Gary Rice, project coordinator, and Mary Ann Coughlin and Richard Howard, co-editors.
The document summarizes the findings of a project, including document review, information
collection, and personal interviews, tracing the history of institutional research and its role in
American higher education and the history of the Association for Institutional Research. In
this anniversary year, with higher education and the field institutional research undergoing
many changes, it is interesting to reflect on how far the field and the association have come
through the reading of this document.

We invite you to share your reactions to the history document and consider where institutional research and AIR might be in the next 50 years.



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Mary Ann posted on 12/10/2015 5:06 PM
Great to see this publication featured; I would love to hear member's reaction and feedback on the history of our great association!

Mary Ann Coughlin