Institutional Culture of Evidence

This webinar series explores the characteristics of an institutional culture of evidence and the role that assessment plays in that culture. We discuss strategies to assess your institution's culture (context, resources, and individuals), identify skills needed to build a culture of evidence at your institution, and provide tips to build and strengthen your institution's culture​.

Recorded February 22 and March 1, 2018


Ann Gansemer-Topf, Iowa State University
Julie Wren, University of Oregon​


Recordings of this 2018 webinar series are available for 30 days from time of purchase. After purchase, return to this page to access your course through "My Learning Login" above. (The webinar will appear in My Learning within 24 hours.) 

One registration may be used in a conference room setting to share with a group of colleagues.


$140 for members, $160 for non-members. 

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this webinar series, participants will:

  • Define characteristics of a culture of evidence

  • Identify steps to strengthen a culture of evidence

  • Identify stakeholders needed to build a culture of evidence and articulate at least two ways of engaging these stakeholders

  • Identify expectations and data needs of various audiences and develop approaches for meeting these expectations and needs ​


If you have questions about registering for the presentation, please contact Gerald Williams at or (850) 404-0001. If you have questions about webinar content, please contact Darlena Jones at or (850) 391-6566. 

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