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Ethical Foundations for an Evolving Field: AIR’s New Statement

Cost: No Charge (member / nonmember)

On-Demand Webinars

After purchasing a webinar, return to the My AIR user dashboard and select MyLearning. This takes you to AIR’s learning management system, where you can access the webinar. Recordings of this webinar will be available for 30 days from time of enrollment. Please contact Training@airweb.org with any questions or concerns. 

NSIRO-Compare 2018 NCES Data Institute Research Reports
No Charge (Member / Non-Member)

Webinar-icons-publishing Almost too Easy: A New Way to Wrangle IPEDS Data
No Charge (Member Only Resource)

T-tests-ANOV​As​​ Basics of Forecasting
$75 / $95 (Member / Non-member)

T-tests-ANOV​As​​ Combining National Datasets for Institutional Use
$75 / $95 (Member / Non-member)

T-tests-ANOV​As​​ Conducting a Quality Survey Research Project
$0 / $160 (Member / Non-member)

T-tests-ANOV​As​​ Data Transformation and Reproducible Analysis in R 
$140 / $160 (Member / Non-member)

T-tests-ANOV​As​​ Data Visualizations for the Human Brain 
$140 / $160 (Member / Non-member)

T-tests-ANOV​As​​ Do’s and Don’ts in Survey Research​​ 
$140 / $160 (Member / Non-member)

T-tests-ANOV​As​​ Excel Dashboards: From Theory to Practice​​ 
$75 / $95 (Member / Non-Member)

NSIRO-Compare How Does My IR Office Compare?
No Charge (Member / Non-Member)

T-tests-ANOV​As​​Institutional Culture of Evidence​​
$140/ $160 (Member / Non-member)

T-tests-ANOV​As​​ Introduction to R
$140 / $160 (Member / Non-member)

NSIRO-Compare IPEDS Trend Generator
No Charge (Member / Non-member)

Webinar-icons-publishing Leadership and Career Development in IR
No Charge (Member Only Resource)

T-tests-ANOV​As​​Moving From Inspirational Gems to Compelling Stories
$140 / $160 (Member / ​Non-member)

Webinar-icons-publishing NCES Restricted-Use Licenses
No Charge (Member Only Resource)

Webinar-icons-publishing Publishing in Journals​
No Charge (Member Only Resource)

T-tests-ANOV​As​​Research Designs: Statistics
$190 / $210 (Member / ​Non-member)

Webinar-icons-publishing Student Voices
No Charge (Member Only Resource)

T-tests-ANOV​As​​Tableau Tool Talk 1: Overview 
$75 / $95 (Member / Non-member)

T-tests-ANOV​As​​Tableau Tool Talk 2: Using Mapping Features
$75 / $95 (Member / Non-member)

Webinar-icons-publishing Using Weights with NCES Data
No Charge (Member Only Resource)

T-tests-ANOV​As​​Visualizing Assessment Data with Power BI​
$140 / $160 (Member / Non-member)

T-tests-ANOV​As​​Visualizing Survey Data in Tableau​
$140 / $160 (Member / Non-member)

T-tests-ANOV​As​​What Every IR/IE Rookie Should Know
$0 / $50 (Member / Non-member)

Please note that due to the nature of these events, live discussions, webinars, and feeds will not be captioned. However, pursuant to AIR's accessibility commitment, a detailed handout will be available to those who purchase access to a live or recorded webinar/webinar series.