Event Terms and Conditions

By registering for an event sponsored by the Association for Institutional Research (AIR), you (or the person for whom you are registering) agree to abide by these terms and conditions for participation. These terms apply to all events, whether the event is in-person or virtual.

Visual/Audio/Image Release

AIR reserves the right to use any photographs, recordings, electronic images, chat excerpts, social media posts, or other media obtained by AIR during any AIR event for educational and promotional purposes.

Data Privacy

AIR is committed to protecting and securing the personal data of its stakeholders, including those who participate in AIR events. To learn more about AIR’s privacy policy and data practices, see https://www.airweb.org/privacy-policy.

Code of Conduct

You are invited to participate in AIR events in the collegial spirit of learning, sharing, and networking with open-mindedness and respect.

AIR is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for association events and offering safe and dignified experiences for our community. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, threatening behavior, or disruptive conduct. We encourage and support the honest and respectful exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Attendees are expected to behave responsibly during all events. This includes abiding by any COVID health and safety requirements for in-person events.

Behaviors that violate the code of conduct may result in removal from the event, denial of access to meeting facilities or online platform, and/or other penalties.

Behaviors that do not belong at AIR in-person and virtual events include but are not limited to disrupting or heckling during a discussion, presentation, or other gathering; discrimination based on a person’s identity, group, or class; harassment of any type; not respecting another person’s boundaries; and aggressive promotion of your own services, products, ideas, or causes.

Reporting of Unacceptable Behavior

As an attendee, you are encouraged to report any instance of unacceptable behavior that you witness or experience during AIR events. Unacceptable behavior may be reported to any AIR Staff member or to air@airweb.org.

AIR’s Commitment

AIR will investigate all incidents reported with discretion and confidentiality. AIR reserves the right to revoke the privilege of attendance to any person who violates the expectation outlined in our Code of Conduct. This includes revocation of attending AIR events in their entirety or in part, and/or to cancel/revoke the event registration without refund.

Attendee's Assumption of Risk

Attendee assumes all risk incidental to their attendance at AIR events and participation in AIR activities and agrees to hold AIR harmless for such risk.

For in-person events, attendees acknowledge that there may be hazards and risks of physical injury or illness and that not all such hazards or risks can be fully eliminated. By registering and/or attending AIR events, the attendee freely and voluntarily agrees to assume the full risk of bodily injury or property damage. Attendees understand the risks involved with AIR event activities and appreciate that they may have to exercise extra care for their own person and for others around them in the face of such hazards.