The AIR Professional File

Articles published in The AIR Professional File volumes are journal-length publications grounded in relevant literature that synthesize current issues, present new processes or models, or share practical applications related to institutional research.

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Recent Issues

Fall 2019 Volume

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Article 147: Enrollment Projection Using Markov Chains: Detecting Leaky Pipes and the Bulge in the Boa

Authors: Rex Gandy, Lynne Crosby, Andrew Luna, Daniel Kasper, Sherry Kendrick

Article 146: Perception Isn’t Everything: The Reality of Class Size

Authors: Mark Umbricht, Kevin Stange

Spring 2019 Volume

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Article 145: From Data Crisis to Data-Centric

Authors: Rebekah Anderson, Nichole Rip

Article 144: University-Wide Assessment Days: The James Madison University Model

Authors: Dena A. Pastor, Kelly J. Foelber, Jessica N. Jacovidis, Keston H. Fulcher, Derek C. Sauder, and Paula D. Love

Summer 2017 Volume

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Article 143: Constructing a Peer Institution: A New Peer Methodology

Author: Steve Chatman

Article 142: A Case Study to Examine Three Peer Grouping Methodologies

Author: Mary Lou D’Allegro

Article 141: Needle in a Haystack: Finding Learning Improvement in Assessment Reports

Authors: Keston H. Fulcher, Kristen L. Smith, Elizabeth R. H. Sanchez, Courtney B. Sanders

Article 140: Institutional Data Quality and the Data Integrity Team

Author: Katherine A. McGuire

Fall 2016 Volume

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Article 139: Mining Text Data: Making Sense of What Students Tell Us

Authors: John Zilvinskis and Greg V. Michalski

Article 138: An Alternative Approach: Using Panels to Survey College Students

Authors: Shimon A. Sarraf, Sarah Hurtado, Mark Houlemarde, and Xiaolin Wang

Spring 2015 Volume

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Article 137: Two Heads are Better than One

Authors: Julie Carpenter-Hubin, Jason Sullivan, and Joan M. Herbers

Article 136: Applications of Social Network Analysis in Institutional Research

Author: Ning Wang

Spring 2014 Volume

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Article 135: Institutional Research and Athletics Reporting

Authors: Kyle V. Sweitzer, Jennifer Hoffman, and David Horton Jr.

Spring 2013 Volume

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Article 131: Programs for Engagement and Enhancement

Authors: Xinxing Anna Zan, Sang Won Yoon, Mohammad Khasawneh, and Krishnaswami Srihari

Article 130: Alternative Estimates of the Reliability of College Grade Point Averages

Authors: Joe L. Saupe and Mardy T. Eimers

Article 129: A Comparison Study of Return Ration-Based Academic Enrollment Forecasting Models

Authors: Xinxing Anna Zan, Sang Won Yoon, Mohammad Khasawneh, and Krishnaswami Srihari


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Instructions for Authors

Authors are encouraged to submit journal-length publications (approximately 5,000–10,000 words; including figures, tables, and references) for consideration. All submissions undergo a peer-review process led by the Volunteer Coordinating Editor, Sharron Ronco. Authors may find the rubric used in the peer review process to be a helpful guide. Submissions may be emailed to in the form of Word documents. Please include contact information for all authors.