The AIR Professional File
Spring 2014, Article 135

Institutional Research and Athletics Reporting

Kyle V. Sweitzer, Jennifer Hoffman, David Horton Jr.


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To varying degrees, institutional research (IR) offices are involved in the collection and reporting of academic, financial, and gender equity data related to their student-athletes and athletic programs. However, many institutional researchers are not familiar with athletics data and/or reporting requirements. This article discusses the degree to which IR offices at 2- and 4-year institutions are involved in athletics reporting, and the level of interaction IR offices have with various campus administrative units regarding athletics across all athletics governing bodies. The article specifically highlights findings from the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Athletics Reporting Requirements Survey administered in 2010. This article serves as a reference for those in IR who are engaged in athletics reporting, as well as a primer for those not familiar with intercollegiate athletics.


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Kyle V. Sweitzer, Michigan State University

Jennifer Hoffman, University of Washington

David Horton Jr., Ohio University


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