Graduate Certificate Programs

Information on the IR certificate programs listed below is provided by the programs themselves and posted as a resource for readers. Please note that AIR does not endorse or accredit IR certificate programs. Contact for corrections, updates, or new listings.

American College of Education

American College of Education

Data Analytics Micro-Credential

The Micro-credential in Data Analytics is designed to focus on conducting research and analyzing data. Students will also interpret the data to make evidence-based decisions as a business leader to move the organization forward. 


Ball State University

IR Graduate Certificate Program

The Ball State University interdisciplinary IR Graduate Certificate Program, provides students with the necessary foundation of skills and experiences needed to enter the field of institutional research. During the program, students learn from an internationally-recognized IR leader who is a past president of AIR.


Baruch College

MSEd in Higher Education Administration

The Master of Science in Education in Higher Education Administration at Baruch College is ideally structured to meet the needs of higher education professionals who seek to advance careers in higher education. Students have two options for completing the program: The Administration and Leadership Track or The Institutional Research and Assessment Track.


Boston College

Institutional Research Certificate

The Certificate in Institutional Research prepares professionals for higher education careers as institutional research officers and analysts where addressing institution-related questions and problems requires: Skill in program evaluation, assessment development, general research design, and applied social science statistics; and Familiarity with institutional structures and operations.


Claremont Graduate University

Master’s in Education, Concentration in Educational Evaluation and Data Analysis (EEDA)

The MA in Education with a concentration in EEDA prepares you to work in K-20 educational data settings such as program evaluation, assessment, and institutional research. Upon graduation, you will understand evaluation theory, social science methods, data management and analytics practices to meet the challenges in educational settings.


Florida State University

Certificate in Institutional Research

The Florida State University Certificate in IR is designed to provide academic and professional development opportunities for institutional researchers, administrators, graduate students, and faculty. Students will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and understanding of IR, explore institutional, state, and national databases, and apply their knowledge to practical situations.


Indiana University

Indiana University Graduate Certificate in Institutional Research

The program is for master's or doctoral students in higher education (or relevant field) and working professionals. The curriculum offers foundational knowledge, technical skills and competencies, and guided professional practice. It helps current professionals advance to managerial levels or managerial level individuals to develop content and method domain expertise.


Kent State University

Institutional Research and Assessment Certificate Program

Kent State University is pleased to offer a Certificate in Institutional Research and Assessment. The certificate is focused on enhancing knowledge and skills development in the areas of higher education assessment, institutional research, technology, and the organization of higher education.


North Dakota State University

Institutional Analysis Option within the Education Doctoral Program (Ph.D. or Ed.D.)

North Dakota State University offers the Ed.D. and Ph.D. degrees in Education, both with an emphasis in either Institutional Analysis or Occupational and Adult Education. The Institutional Analysis curriculum was designed to provide the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary for understanding institutional analysis both inside and outside of formal education settings.


Pennsylvania State University

Higher Education Program Graduate Certificate in Institutional Research

The Pennsylvania State University program provides students with the skills that support institutional planning and policy formation, and was created for in-career professionals, graduate students, and institutional researchers. Courses include foundations of institutional research, designing studies, faculty issues, outcomes assessment, institutional planning, and budgeting and enrollment management.




Online Master of Science in Higher Education Assessment, Analytics and Change Management


Rider University’s accelerated, online Master of Science in Higher Education Assessment, Analytics, and Change Management program takes an analytical, data-driven approach to affect positive change at education institutions. Professionals may elect to earn a 30-credit graduate degree or a 15-credit graduate certificate.


Sam Houston State University

Higher Education Assessment and Institutional Research Online Certificate Program

The program develops postsecondary faculty and administrators’ abilities to access, manage, analyze, and use data in today’s complex higher education contexts, and supports faculty and staff of all levels and from a variety of institutional types in learning about assessment, institutional research, data management, analysis, accountability, accreditation, strategic planning, enrollment management, leadership, and resource management.


University of Denver

IR Concentration within the Ph.D. in Research Methods and Statistics (RMS) Program

The Institutional Research concentration focuses on providing institutional researchers with strong quantitative, qualitative, and mixed research methods skills to be utilized in different fields.


University of Illinois at Chicago

Online Master’s and Graduate Certificate Programs in Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics and Assessment (MESA)

The U of I College of Education program offers students the opportunity to improve quantitative skills as institutional researchers with an online MEd in Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment of an online graduate certificate program in Educational Research Methodology.


University of Iowa

Certificate on Institutional Research and Effectiveness

The University of Iowa’s Certificate in Institutional Research and Effectiveness provides students with the skills and content knowledge to thrive as professionals, using data for institutional and organizational decision-making, reporting, and accountability in higher education and K-12 contexts. The certificate program can be completed separately or while enrolled within an M.A., Ed.D., or Ph.D. degree program.


University of Kentucky

Masters of Science in Research Methods and Graduate Certificate in Research Methods in Education

The masters degree provides students with a specialization in the application of educational research methods. The Graduate Certificate provides students with the ability to specialize in education research methods that can be applied to a host of disciplines (e.g., social sciences, physical sciences, and business).


University of Miami

Institutional Research & Policy Analysis track in the MSEd




The Institutional Research and Policy Analysis track focuses on skills necessary to conduct applied institutional research related to the effective functioning of postsecondary institutions. Areas of study extend beyond integrating research into effective administrative or policy initiatives to include understanding state and federal policies, higher education foundations, statistics, and data analytics.


University of Michigan

IR Concentration within the Master of Arts in Higher Education Program

The University of Michigan's Institutional Research (IR) concentration promotes conceptual, technical, and practical skills necessary to conduct applied research in or pertaining to postsecondary institutions and system offices. These skills include factual knowledge about postsecondary institutions and systems, research methods used by IR professionals, knowledge of the processes and issues affecting institutions, and an understanding of an institution's context and culture.


University of Missouri-St. Louis

Graduate Certificate Program in Institutional Research (IR)

The Graduate Certificate Program in IR provides the formal training institutional researchers need in an era of increased federal and state reporting requirements, legal mandates, extensive use of “data mining,” and pressure for accountability. The number of IR offices is expanding with even small institutions needing trained academics as institutional researchers.


University of Nebraska

Institutional Research Master of Arts

IR professionals plan the data collection, the analysis, and the interpretation that support administrators’ decision making. This includes, for example, strategic planning, accreditation, and policy development. In short, IR facilitates an institution fulfilling its mission. Our program ensures that graduates have 'real world experience' through practicum(s) in institutional research.


University of North Carolina Charlotte 

Institutional Effectiveness Certificate

Practitioners in post-secondary/higher education IE enter the field from many different paths and some do not possess formal training. While certificate and graduate-level programs in Institutional Research exist, none address the wide range of responsibilities, knowledge, and skills associated with an IE practitioner. This online certificate will address the hard and soft skills necessary for an IE practitioner with multiple responsibilities to include student learning, strategic planning, institutional accreditation, and data analytics.


UC San Diego Extension

Certificate in Institutional Research

UC San Diego Extension's online certificate in Institutional Research is comprised of three 4-unit core courses, with an internship in an IR office offered throughout the program. The certificate offers an overview of the field of institutional research, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, creating research instruments and evaluating university outcomes.


University of Wisconsin-Stout

Certificate in Institutional Research (IR)

The University of Wisconsin-Stout Certificate in IR provides skills in institutional research-specific areas including enrollment management, assessment, accountability, data management, and strategic planning, as well as competencies in ethical considerations, project management, communication, data collection, and analysis. An application course and practicum focus on application of concepts and processes.