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Fall 2020, Article 150 

Rethinking Completion Analytics to Better Support the Student Experience across Diverse Ecosystems

Jeffrey L. Cornett

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Single measures of college performance fail to reflect the mix and diversity of students served. First-time students vary widely in terms of their readiness to succeed in college. Higher education environments (ecosystems) also vary widely and afford students differing admission and transfer opportunities. These factors confound college completion analytics when those who define college goals focus only on what is best for the college. A fresh way to rethink completion analytics would be to measure college completion success from the student point of view and how they wish to experience college. Student-focused completion rate scorekeeping would improve research into best practices. Student advising would also improve if completion analytics were disaggregated along a continuum of readiness to succeed.

Keywords: student experience, college readiness, CAT-scan graphs, college ecosystem, sister university, transfer rates, 1+3 transfers, 2+2 transfers, second-chance transfers, completion rates, vertical lift, right shift, institutional research, student advising

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Jeffrey L. Cornett, Ivy Technical College of Indiana (ret.)


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