The AIR Professional File
Spring 2015, Article 137

Two Heads are Better than One: A Collaboration between Institutional Research and Faculty for a More Meaningful Analysis of the STEM Faculty Experience

Julie Carpenter-Hubin, Jason Sullivan, Joan M. Herbers


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Institutional researchers come to their field from a variety of educational and work experiences. Regardless of their expertise, however, it is difficult—if not impossible—for a single researcher, or even a large team of researchers, to know and understand all the nuanced differences among the many disciplines found in a comprehensive university. This paper discusses the collaboration between institutional researchers and faculty to evaluate the faculty experience in science and engineering. Rather than discussing the outcome of that evaluation, this paper focuses on the value of the collaborative process.

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Julie Carpenter-Hubin, The Ohio State University

Jason Sullivan, The Ohio State University

Joan M. Herbers, The Ohio State University


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