The AIR Professional File
Spring 2013, Article 131

Programs for Engagement and Enhancement

Gloria Crisp, Lisa Palacios, John Kaulfus


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The following article describes pro­grams used by universities and colleges to engage students; these programs include mentoring, learning communi­ties, and first-year success courses and programs. We begin with a brief over­view of student development theory, program descriptions and citations, and article summaries for key refer­ences. Next, we introduce prominent national surveys available to institu­tions that are interested in measuring student engagement (inside or outside formal programs). We conclude with additional references and recommen­dations for institutional researchers involved in program review and/or stu­dent outcomes assessment of student engagement programs.


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Gloria Crisp, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Lisa Palacios, The University of Texas at San Antonio

John Kaulfus, Texas A&M University


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