2018 - 2019 Membership Types & Fees

(1/2 Year Prices)


Includes full rights and benefits for the membership period.



Must actively be pursuing a graduate degree and may not be employed full time. May not vote or hold office.



For Emeritus* members and/or John Stecklein Distinguished Member Award recipients. 

Fees Waived

Member of Record/Reassignment

AIR Professional membership is currently an individual membership and is owned by the person or organization that pays for that membership. If an organization/employer purchases a membership for an employee, it is owned by the organization and may be reassigned to a replacement employee if a vacancy occurs. If a membership is paid for by an individual, the membership is owned by that individual and stays with them regardless of their employment status. 


For membership assistance, please contact

*To be eligible for Emeritus Membership, individuals must be retired with 15 years of combined membership. To apply, please contact the Executive Office at