Membership Types & Fees


Includes full rights and benefits of membership, including voting and holding office.



Must actively be pursuing a graduate degree and not be employed full time. May not vote or hold office.



For Emeritus and/or Distinguished members. See the FAQ below for more information about criteria for this membership type.

Fees Waived

Questions about purchasing membership, how to renew, or membership types? You’ll find the answers here.

Membership FAQ

  • I understand that AIR has gone to a rolling membership renewal cycle. What does that mean?

    This year, the Board worked with AIR staff to develop a model in which AIR membership will renew annually from the date of purchase (anniversary date) rather than at the start date of a set membership period. This change, effective June 1, allows members to access a full 12 months of member benefits, regardless of when they join.

  • What options do I have for purchasing membership?

    All membership applications must be completed online. The PDF membership application is no longer available for use.

  • What methods can I use to pay for membership?

    As of January 2019, all membership orders must be fulfilled by credit card payment. Checks or purchase orders (POs) will no longer be acceptable methods of payment.

  • What does member of record mean?
    AIR Professional membership is currently an individual membership and is owned by the person or organization that pays for that membership. 
  • Can membership be reassigned?
    Employer-paid memberships may be reassigned to a replacement employee if a position vacancy occurs (please notify AIR). Professional memberships are transferable only if purchased by an individual. If a membership is paid for by an individual, the membership is owned by that individual and stays with them regardless of their employment status. 
  • How do I know if I qualify for Emeritus or Distinguished membership status?

    To be eligible for Distinguished membership, you must be a recipient of the John Stecklein Distinguished Member Award. To be eligible for Emeritus Membership, individuals must be retired with 15 years of combined membership. To apply, please contact the Executive Office at

For additional assistance with membership, please contact